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Groww Online Demat Trading and Direct Mutual Fund Platform Review

Groww is a leading online demat trading and direct mutual fund investment platform. Groww has more than 9 million user base. Groww provides an investment platform free of cost. This means you can invest in mutual funds and equity without transaction or subscription charges. If you are a newbie or beginner and exploring an online discount broking platform you should consider Groww in your evaluation. Groww provides a fast, easy, and transparent online platform on the website as well as app.  Here is a complete review of Groww.

Groww Review

Groww Review

Groww is easy to use investment platform trusted by millions of Indians. Groww is using the latest technology and provides a lightning-fast trading experience. They also claim that data stored on their platform is fully encrypted and secured. Key Features of Groww are given below.

Groww Key Features

  • Investment in Direct Mutual Funds, Stocks, Fixed Deposit & Gold
  • Free Investment – No Transaction Charges, No Subscription Charges
  • Facility to Invest in US Stock Market
  • Anywhere anytime access
  • 35+ Mutual Fund Partners
  • Easy to use and Lighting fast platform
  • IPO Investment Facility
  • Trading facility with Intraday and margin
  • eNACH to automate SIP facility
  • Digital Gold and Gold ETF investment facility
  • Charting tool facility
  • Dashboard view with real-time market data update
  • Few Order placement steps

Groww Charges

Groww is a free platform that provides equity delivery free of cost. However, for an intraday order, you need to pay charges. Brokerage Charges of the Groww platform are given below. Please note that Groww is not providing a commodity trading facility.

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Groww Brokerage Charges

Equity Delivery ChargesZero
Equity Intraday Trading20 Rs per Order
Equity Future Trading20 Rs per Order
Equity Options Trading20 Rs per Order
Currency Future Trading20 Rs per Order
Currency Options Trading20 Rs per Order
Minimum BrokerageZero
Margin MoneyZero
Commodity TradingNA

Groww Demat Account Opening Charges

Account Opening Charges – NIL

Demat AMC Charges – Rs.300 per annum

Trading AMC Charges – NIL

Groww provides free account opening facility. Trading AMC charges for the Groww is also NIL. You have to pay Rs.300 per year for Demat AMC charges.

How to Open Demat Account at Groww?

The step by step process of opening a Demat Account at Groww is given below.

  • Visit https://groww.in and click on Login/Register Button.
  • You can enter your email address or click on login with Google (if you have a google account)
  • Now you need to provide your mobile number for verification.
  • You will be sent with OTP for mobile number verification.
  • Now, you need to provide your PAN card data.

Groww KYC

  • Once your PAN card data is verified you need to enter the date of birth, gender, and other information.
  • You also need to provide Aaddhar Number as well as one passport size photograph.
  • Next step is providing your bank information along with IFSC code. Once you are done with that you need to digitally sign the form before submitting it.

The process of activation of your account will take 2-3 days. All given information by you will be verified and your account will be opened. Your login details will be shared to you on your email address.

Groww Mobile App – Trading Platform

Groww Mobile App is a user-friendly app that is easy to operate. It provides a dashboard view for tracking all your investments. UI of this app is very simple and any millennials can easily operate this app. The information provided on this platform is free and easy to understand.

You can invest your money using this app with a few clicks. You will get real-time notifications.

KYC via this account is paperless and happens with a click of a button. You can get a mutual fund SIP calculator to get an idea about estimated returns. This app also provides the facility of single-click buy/sell shares.

This app also offers beautiful visualization and charts including price movements, historical performance. The information given on the app will help you to take an informed decision.

You can also get complete stock analysis with company financials, balance sheet and P&L statement on the app.


  • Free investment platform
  • Flat rate of trade of any volume
  • Facility of doing transactions on web as well as application
  • Excellent use of technology
  • Platform is very fast and provides multiple investment option
  • Direct mutual fund investment facility
  • Very good customer support services


  • Commodity Trading not available
  • No Forex Facility available at Groww platform
  • Insurance facility is not available at Groww platform
  • 3-in-1 Account not available
  • Stock Recommendation facility not available
  • No Robo Advisory Facility

Final Takeaway

Groww is an excellent platform that provides direct mutual fund, equity, and trading facility. A Technology-enabled fast platform is a plus point for the Groww. The application provided by Groww is extremely good.

In short, Groww is becoming popular due to features, benefits, free, and faster services.

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