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10 Franchises Opportunities in India with low Investment

Franchises Opportunities

If you are searching for Franchises opportunities in India, here is a list of 10 most profitable and popular franchises business opportunities in India. Before starting an actual topic, let me give one example. My friend was in search of business ideas before few months. As he was beginner his risk taking capacity was low. He came across franchise opportunities of “Sampoorna Foods”. He accepted this opportunity and started own business with low Investment. Today he is earning a lot of money. From this example, we can say that Franchise model is best suited for the beginner. Franchise business has advantages and disadvantages both. In this post, we will discuss in detail about Franchise Business and Franchises Opportunities in detail.

What is Franchise Business or Franchise Opportunities?

The franchise is right to use company’s business model, brand, and product for a specific period of time. The franchise is a low-cost business opportunity. The investment required for the business here is low. Apart from this business model is proven hence chance of getting success is very high. Advantages and disadvantages of franchise business are given below.

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Advantage of Franchise Business –

  • Well established business model and systems.
  • No need to deal with marketing as it is job of a parent firm/company.
  • Support required for business is available.
  • The risk is very less.
  • The Investment required for business is low.
  • Best for the beginner in business.

Disadvantage of Franchise Business –

  • You need to satisfy business terms and condition.
  • Control of parent firm/company is high.
  • You need to share business profit with a franchisor.
  • Royalty fee for some company is very high.

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How to identify good Franchisee Business Opportunities?

You should consider following points while identifying franchise business opportunities.

Category of Business – First is a category of business. There are multiple categories starting from food, retail, gift, skill development etc.

Brand name and number of outlets – The second important point is a brand name. Brand name plays a vital role in the success of your business so be careful in the selection of a brand name. Also, consider numbers of outlets set by brand name.

Investment Required – Another important factor is investment required for the business. Avoid franchise business with high investment.

Breakeven – Breakeven time of money invested should be less than 1 year. You should start earning a profit as early as possible.

Expansion Plan – You can also consider business expansion plan and future product of the company before taking the franchise.

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10 Franchises Opportunities in India with low Investment

Based on the discussion above 10 popular franchises opportunities in India with low investment are given below.

#1 DTDC – DTDC is a franchise of Courier Company in India. It is a very famous brand. You need to spend 1.5 Lakh to get a franchise of DTDC. Breakeven of this business is very quick and you need a small place to start this courier business.

#2 Dr.Batras – Dr.Batras is from healthcare segment. You need to invest nearly 20-30 Lakh to start a franchise of Dr.Batras. Breakeven of this business is one year. You need 400 Sq.feet space to start this business.

#3 Monginis – Monginis is popular for cake and baking products. You need to make an investment of around 8 lakh to take this franchise. You need 250 Sq Feet place for this business. Breakeven time for this business is variable.

#4 Kidzee – If you have interest in child education you can think of taking franchise of pre-school Kidzee. You need to invest around 10 Lakh to start this business.  You need around 3000 Sq.feet space to start this business.

#5 Aptech – Aptech is another franchise opportunity in the education field. Cost of starting this business is around 20 lakh. You need 1000 sq. feet place to start this business.

#6 Career Launcher – Career Launcher franchise opportunity can be taken with an investment of 3-10 Lakh. Breakeven for this business is 1 year. You need 1500 sq. feet place to start this business.

#7 Jawed Habib – You can also take salon agency from Jawed Habib. The cost of this agency is 5-10 Lakh. You need 600 sq. feet place to start this business.

#8 Firstcry – Firstcry is a popular brand for kid cloth and other kid items. You can take this franchise with a cost of 10-15 Lakh. You can earn money from this business from the beginning. You need 1000 Sq. Feet place to start this business.

#9 Lenskart – Lenskart is in the optical business. You need to invest 20-30 lakh to avail franchise of Lenskart. The space required for this business is 1000 Sq. Feet.

#10 Khadims – Khadims is in the footwear business. The investment required for this business is 25 Lakh. You need 1000 Sq. Feet place to avail this franchise.

We hope this list of 10 popular franchises opportunities will help you in initiating a franchise business of your own.

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