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EPF withdrawal for medical treatment with self-declaration

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Rules of EPF withdrawal are further simplified by the government. Now EPF subscriber can withdraw funds from EPF account for the medical treatment with self-declaration. The earlier requirement of producing a medical certificate from a doctor is removed from immediate effect. Only new composite claim form and self-declaration is enough for EPF withdrawal in case of medical treatment.

In addition to above requirement of producing a medical certificate by disable in order to purchase equipment to minimize hardship is also abolished. The details of new amendment made under paragraph 68J and 68N are given below.

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EPF withdrawal for medical treatment with self-declaration 

EPF withdrawal for medical treatment

Under the paragraph 68 J, EPF subscriber can take nonrefundable advance from EPF account for medical treatment in certain cases including hospitalization lasting for one month or above, or major surgical operation or for the treatment of TB, leprosy, paralysis , cancer, mental imbalance or heart disorder. This provision is applicable for self and family member.

As per old rule, advance for medical treatment was granted only after receipt of medical certificate mentioning that member or dependent is hospitalized or require hospitalization for one month or above. Additional certificate from employer stating that subscriber is not eligible/covered under Employee state insurance was also required. The detail was required as certificate C.

All requirement mentioned above is removed. Only self-declaration is sufficient.

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EPF withdrawal for purchasing equipment by disable

Under the paragraph 68 N, disable EPF subscriber can withdraw money in order to purchase equipment for minimizing hardship. However, Certificate F from competent medical practitioner was a mandatory requirement in order to avail this benefit.

The requirement of Certificate F submission is also removed from immediate effect.

The maximum amount granted for above purpose should not exceed six month’s basic wages and dearness allowance or subscriber own contribution with interest thereon.

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How to withdraw EPF by using composite claim form?

The process of claiming EPF advance by using composite claim form is very easy. You can use Aadhaar based composite claim form in case your Aadhaar number and bank account details are available on UAN portal and has been activated. In case your Aadhaar number details are not updated or you don’t have UAN activated account you can use composite claim form Non- Aadhaar. Only claim form is required no other document is required for such advances.

Download Composite Claim Form – Aadhaar

Download Composite Claim Form – Non Aadhaar

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