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Data, Twin or Extra Sim in Norway: What to Choose

Trying to find the right SIM card for you in Norway? You won’t be able to do it without some research. Whether you’ve relocated to the country completely, or you just have to spend some time there for work or for any other reasons whatsoever, you will definitely want to get the perfect SIM card solution for you, so that you can easily stay in touch with everyone. The only thing is, you may not know exactly how to make the best possible choice for you, which is completely normal.

In fact, you may not even know which options exist in the first place, and there certainly are a few different ones to consider. All of them come with the same advantage of being suitable for use outside Norway as well, such as in the EU and the EEA countries, but they differ in other aspects. Understanding those differences and understanding generally what different types of SIM cards entail and what they bring to the table will help you ultimately make the best choice for you and then enjoy the choice you have made.

Which different types am I referring to here, though? Well, there are those called data SIMs, and then there are also twin and extra SIMs. Getting some more useful information on all of them and generally understanding how they all work will help you figure out which one could be best for your particular situation. So, what we are going to do right now is take a closer look at all of those types, aiming at helping you make your ultimate choice and finally get the solution that will work perfectly for you.

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What Is Data SIM?

Used for sharing data, this card type can be beneficial in numerous different contexts, although people deem it most useful for tablets and other types of devices that are not meant to make calls. So, if you want to have a card in a device that is not your phone, this could be the perfect choice for you. Why would you, however, want something like that?

As mentioned already, it can be useful in numerous different contexts. Imagine, for example, staying somewhere where there is no WiFi connection to rely on. Putting the card in a device that you want to be a router, such as a tablet, for example, can help you share the data quite easily. Your family will get to enjoy the connection as well, and you will be able to connect multiple devices to a safe and secure network. Of course, on those other devices, such as your tablet, you won’t have access to making calls and sending text messages, but that’s what your phone is for, so this won’t be a problem.

Depending on the subscription you have agreed on, you may have more or less data to share. This, naturally, further means you will have to be quite careful when sharing it, because you could spend the amount of data you have rather quickly if multiple devices are connected to the network. As explained, though, this depends on the subscription you have chosen, so be careful when choosing one if you’re planning on sharing data this way.

What Is Twin SIM?

Moving on, we have the twin SIM to consider next. Called a tvilling sim in Norway, this is basically what it sounds like. An exact copy of your current card that can be put into another device and that can be used in the very same way. So, if it is important for you to be able to make phone calls and send text messages from another device as well, apart from your primary phone, this could be the right solution.

If you have an old mobile phone that is just lying around unused, you can use this option to activate it, while not paying for another subscription. Perhaps you want to keep one of the phones at home at all times, so as not to lose it, or in your car, in case you lose or forget the first one somewhere. Or perhaps you want your kid to have the opportunity to call you if they need you, but without having to provide them with a brand-new number and a brand-new subscription. Those are just some of the situations in which a tvilling SIM could come in handy.

This particular solution can’t be used in tablets or routers, but you have the first one we’ve talked about for that. Instead, it is meant to be used in several phones, because it features the option of making calls and sending messages. Tracking all the spending with one invoice, even though you’re using two devices, is quite convenient, which is why people love this option.

If you’re wondering what happens when someone calls you, let me explain. Both of the device’s ring, because they essentially have the same SIM card inside. Then, you decide which one to answer. It’s as easy as that. And another thing to keep in mind is that some providers may block data usage, as well as the MMS option in the duplicated card, but this is something to discuss with those providers before making a commitment with any of them.

What Is Extra SIM?

Looking for something in between these two solutions, because neither of them work that well for you? Well, then, you should check out the extra SIM option. With the option of being added to any device whatsoever, tablets, routers and phones alike, this card is something like the middle ground between the two explained above. With it, you can both make calls and use mobile data on multiple devices. The only thing you can’t do is use the MMS option.

While this may sound like the perfect option, you need to be aware of the fact that there aren’t really that many providers offering it. Plus, some providers may charge an additional fee for it, while there are also those that offer it for free. So, if you really want to use this solution to your advantage, you’ll have to carefully consider the providers and the options they offer, aiming at determining what may be best for you.

Which One to Choose?

Wondering which one of these could actually be best for you? I get that this may not be an easy decision to make. Yet, it should have become easier now that you have learned precisely how all of them function. The different types are suitable for different situations and circumstances, meaning that you should have at least some idea about which one could work for you perfectly.

The most significant thing to do here is figure out what it is that you actually need. If you’re looking to share data across multiple devices, the data SIM could be the best solution for you. On the other hand, if you want to be able to make phone calls from two phones while using the same number and paying just one subscription, the twin SIM is what you should consider. And then, if you want something in between, it is the extra SIM you need to take into account.

Whatever you do, though, always make sure to choose a great initial subscription, that is, a great provider to work with. The quality of the solution you will get certainly depends on them, meaning you will have to take some time to research various ones in detail, aiming at choosing a reliable provider that will offer you the perfect solution. Don’t get too hung up on the prices of the subscriptions but do take some time to check those out as well, because you want to ultimately get the perfectly priced solution for you, while also ensuring that it meets all of your needs and expectations.

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