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Business or Job – Building Pipeline or Hauling Bucket

Today everyone is running after money. Everyone wants to build wealth, but very few know how to build wealth. Wealth is not about how much money you earn. Wealth is about how much money you keep. Today we keep on hearing one question  I should start business or continue with my job.

To answer this let me share with you interesting story of Building Pipelines or Hauling Bucket. This story I have read in book “Rich Dad Poor Dad” written by Robert Kiosaki.

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Story of Building Pipeline or Hauling Bucket

The story goes like this – Once upon a time there was a village. It was a very good place for living except for the problem of water. In order to get water villager needs to go to the river. River was a bit far away from the village.

In order to solve this water problem on permanent basis villagers called meetings. In the meeting, it was decided to give the contract to someone for the delivery of water to villagers. Incidentally, they found three contractors for the delivery of water to villagers.

Job Mind Set:-

The first contractor hired a person for hauling bucket and delivering it to villagers.  The person who joined him as the worker was from the mentality of doing a Job. That worker started hauling buckets in the early morning. Till evening he was hauling buckets. At the end of the month, the contractor was paid a small amount of money to him as salary and the rest contractor was keeping with him.

This is what is happening today for job-class people. People with the mindset of doing Job are hauling buckets on daily basis to make others wealthy.

Self Employer Mind Set:-

The second Contractor was of the opinion why share money with others. He started hauling buckets on self. Early morning he use to start hauling buckets and was delivering buckets till evening. He used to enjoy the money earned by doing this job.

This is what self employed people do today. They own job as they don’t want anyone else to participate in their job.

Business Mind Set:-

The third contractor was of a business mindset. He came up with the idea to build a pipeline. He invested money to build a pipeline with a water filter facility. On the day of the inauguration, he announced to give of 24×7 clean water facilities at the doorstep at low-cost compared to the first and second contractor.

Soon he got business from the majority of villagers. In order to compete with him first and second contractors had to deliver buckets in a penny.

That penny story continued and both of them worked hard for the rest of their life and had financial problems forever after.

The third contractor with a business mindset replicated this idea in other villages also and lived wealthy life.

Moral from Story

Million dollar question you need to ask yourself is:-

  • Am I building a pipeline or hauling buckets?
  • Am I working hard or am I working smart?
  • If I stop working from tomorrow would it affect my income adversely?
  • Have you ever wondered how are you going to pay your bills when you stop working today?
  • Is it possible to earn more money by giving less time?
  • What am I doing today and what should I do for the future?
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