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40 Best Service Business Ideas with low investment

Service Business Ideas

40 Best Service Business Ideas with low investment – Service with a smile. If you love to serve your customer, you can start your own service business. The service industry is growing at a faster rate and there are multiple business opportunities in the service sector.

It is easy to start a service business and Investment required for the service business is very low. The risk associated with a service business is NIL as you are not selling any tangible products. You are selling services. Looking at the benefits it is highly recommended to start a service business. Here is a list of 40 Best Service Business Ideas that can be started with low investments.

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40 Best Service Business Ideas

#1 Accounting

Accounting or account keeping is one of the best service business ideas. In this business, you need to upkeep account and financial statement for the small and medium-size business. In addition to that, you need to prepare a balance sheet at the end of the financial year. You should have a deep understanding of accounting for starting this business. You can charge fixed money or hour.

#2 Advertisement Agency

Opening an advertisement agency is one of the best service business ideas. You need to be creative in order to start an advertisement agency. Your job is to help business in creating a new advertisement campaign. Initially, you need to work hard to establish your name. Once your advertisement agency becomes popular you can earn a lot of money.

#3 Battery Recharge Services

Almost every vehicle two-wheeler and four-wheelers contain batteries. These batteries required charging or repair from time to time. Thus starting a battery recharging point is a very good business option. You may need to make a capital investment to start this business.

#4 Car Repair Services

Starting car repair services is next on the list. In order to start this business, you need to learn basic car repairing. Alternatively, you can employ a person aware of car repairing. Investment required for this business is moderate.

#5 Car Wash Services

Car wash services in the metro area are gaining popularity. Many people prefer car washing services for the car. This makes car washing popular business option. You require small space, manpower, and car washing kit to start this business.

#6 Cartridge Refilling

Printer cartridge refilling is next in the list of service business ideas. The consumption of printer is increasing day by day. Every printer requires cartridges for printing thus starting cartridge refilling is a very good business option. You need to invest money to purchase machinery for cartridge refilling and ink making.

#7 Catering Services

Catering services is an evergreen service business idea. In this business, you need to provide food services for functions and events. You can either make food at the location or hire people for transporting food. You require managerial skills as well as contacts to start this business.

#8 Cleaning Services

Home cleaning services or office cleaning services is next on the list. In this business, you need to offer cleaning services at regular interval either daily or weekly. You require manpower in order to start this business.

#9 Courier Services

Courier services are becoming a popular option for sending documents and small items at various cities. You require a small space and manpower to start this business. It is advisable to take a franchise of famous courier companies to start this business.

# 10 Day Care Services for Elders

Elders and disabled people are always looking for help. Thus starting a day care services for an elder is among very good service business ideas. Here you need to provide caretaker at elder’s place for the specific time period. The charges could be a monthly or daily basis.

#11 Electrician Services

An electrician is skill trades. If you are aware of this trade you can offer your services as an electrician at residential or commercial properties. Investment required for this business is NIL.

#12 Financial Planning

Financial planning services is next on the list. You can provide financial services from home or from the office. You need to clear examination and become a certified financial planner or SEBI registered advisor before starting this service.

#13 Fitness Trainer

If you are a health and fitness enthusiast, you can think of starting a business as a fitness trainer. As a fitness trainer, you can provide personal coaching or you can open your own fitness center. It is advisable to do a fitness course before entering in this field.

#14 Foreign Language Classes

Starting a foreign language class is next in the list of service business ideas. If you are an expert in a foreign language such as English, French, Spanish you can start this business. You need to make a small investment in terms of creating basic infrastructure for this business.

#15 Garden Landscaping

Gardening and landscaping is another lucrative service business idea. In this business, you are responsible for landscaping and gardening. Many small and medium-size companies, as well as home owner, opt for gardening and landscaping services.

#16 Home Appliance Repair Services

Home appliance repair service is next in the list. Here you need to keep competent manpower who can provide home repair services by visiting homes. You can accept request via mobile or via an online portal.

#17 Home Painting Services

If you are a professional home painter or you can hire a painter for home painting this business is for you. In this business, you need to help homeowners to transform the interior and exterior with good quality paints.

#18 HVAC services

Demand for HVAC services increases in the summer season. If you are HVAC specialist or if you have done a specialized course in HVAC you can start this business. You can provide services at home as well as office segment.

#19 Interior Designer

A task of an interior designer is to apply creativity and beautify home. If you did a course of an interior designer or if you are an architect by profession you can start an interior designer business. It is a lucrative business option where you can earn lot of money.

#20 IT services

IT is the buzzword today. Nothing works without IT services. If you are an expert in IT field or if you have done IT course you can start IT services business. Here you are responsible for IT device installation or for IT hardware AMC. It is an evergreen business with a lucrative profit margin.

#21 Laundry Services

A laundry services or dry cleaning business is next in the list. You do not require any specific skill to start this business. It is a low investment business where the associated profit margin is also low.

#22 Maid on Demand Services

Housekeepers and maid for cleaning a house are in great demand, especially in the city area. In this business, you need to provide maid on demand. You can earn a very good commission in this business.

#23 Matrimonial Services

Matrimonial services mean providing matchmaking services for bride and grooms. It is a very good home based business for women. Here you need to help prospective brides and grooms to meet face to face and decide the way ahead.

#24 Mobile Repairing Services

Usage of smartphones is increasing day by day. This gives birth to a new profession called as mobile repairing services. Before starting mobile repairing you should go for mobile repairing course.

#25 Music Classes

Starting a music class is next on the list of service business ideas. If you are a music expert and teach music including musical instrument you can start own music class. Investment required for a music class is moderate.

#26 Packing and Moving Services

Packing and moving services help people to relocate their home, office, etc. These type of agency keeps competent manpower involved in the packing of items and moving. If this field attracts you, you can start this business.

#27 Pest Control Services

Pest control operator provides services of cleaning home and offices from white ants, mice, and other pests. There are few restrictions on starting this business like location, permission etc. Make sure to do research and study before starting a pest control business.

#28 Plumbing Services

The plumbing service is required at old as well as new buildings. If you have the proper training and equipment, start a plumbing business where you provide maintenance, repair and installations services.

#29 Real Estate Agent

A task of a real estate agent is to help customers in buying, selling or renting a property. A real estate agent earn a commission for every transaction. If you have good contact and if you are outspoken you can start this business.

#30 Recruitment and Staffing

A recruitment and staffing agency means a firm that is instrumental in getting a job for the individual. In this business, you just need data of candidates looking for Job. You need to refer a candidate to the company and get a commission out of it.

#31 Security Services

Every small or big company including homeowners opt for security services. Thus starting own security agency is a very good business option. Here you need to provide security manpower to the customer.

#32 SEO Services

The demand for SEO services is increasing every day. If you are an expert in the SEO or if you have done a course in SEO you can start own online website providing SEO services. You need to work hard for establishing your business.

#33 Spy Services

Spy is a detective that works on an assignment. Apart from that spy also work for many other assignments such as background verification check, corporate shadowing, corporate investigation etc. It is no investment business but risky in nature.

#34 Tailoring

Starting tailoring is the simplest yet very popular business option. In this business, you need to provide various tailoring services such as alteration, new cloth making, etc.

#35 Tax Planner

Tax planner is a person that helps an individual or company in order to do tax planning. They also help in the return preparation and filing. If you are an expert in GST and Income tax you can become a professional tax planner.

#36 Tiffin Services

If you are good at making food or if you have a chef who can prepare good food you can start tiffin services. This services can be started from home or from a separate location. Apart from daily tiffin orders you can also plan to take a party or special occasion orders.

#37 Travel Agency

A travel agent helps in organizing travel including ticket booking, stay arrangement, sightseeing, travel insurance, and currency exchange. If you are good at making travel arrangement you can start a travel agency.

#38 Tuition Class

One of the evergreen service business ideas is tuition classes. You can start tuition class at home or even form a small shop. You have to be very good at teaching various subjects to start this business. You can earn a lot of money from a tuition class.

#39 Videography

Professional videography and photography is a special field. If you are good at taking photograph or video you can start videography or photography business. A requirement of a videographer is required at almost every event including wedding, parties and popular events. You have to be very good at using a camera as well as photo and video editing.

#40 Wedding Planning

Wedding planning is a profession of assisting a client with the design, planning, and management of wedding. The idea is to manage the event and make it memorable for the client. A wedding planner charges a lot of money for planning and management.

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