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10 Best Seasonal Business Ideas in India

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Do you want to start a seasonal business? Are you looking for earning extra income this season? If yes, here are 10 Best Seasonal Business Ideas for 2018.

Starting a seasonal business is one of the best ways to earn extra money without establishing a business on a full scale. You can run this business for a few months in the year and take rest for the remaining year. If you are innovative and able to handle different business products you can switch multiple businesses throughout the year and earn a lot of money. Seasonal businesses are easy to start and require very low investment. You can start a seasonal business even from home. A list of seasonal business ideas is given below.

10 Best Seasonal Business Ideas in India

Sweet and Dry fruit shop

The first seasonal business is sweet and dry fruit shop. It is observed that the demand for sweet and dry fruit is very high during festival season. If you have expertise in making good sweet or if you can hire someone who can make good sweet you can earn a lot of money. In addition to sweet, you can also keep dry fruit in your shop. If you cannot afford a big investment, you can start a sweet business from home by keeping seasonal sweets.

Fire Cracker Business

The second lucrative seasonal business is of a firecracker. The demand for firecracker is high during Diwali festival and during marriage season. The investment required for this business is moderate. You need to take a special license of fire safety to start this business. It is a temporary business which can be done during the Diwali period.

Kite Business

Kite business is next in the list of seasonal business. In India, the demand for kite starts from the month of November and stays till mid-January (Utrayan Festival). If you can switch between multiple businesses, you can first start firecracker business and switch to kite business at the same place. Along with kite, you can plan to keep related items such as thread, Lantern etc.

Rakhi Business

Rakhi Business is a low investment seasonal business. You can start this business even from home. There are two business types in Rakhi Business. First is starting Rakhi Making and second is selling readymade Rakhi. During Raksha Bandhan, billions of Rakhi’s are sold in India. Even Rakhi are getting imported in the foreign market.

Diwali Gift Business

Another lucrative seasonal business is Diwali gift business.  You require a small place and moderate investment to start this business. You can either sell readymade Diwali gift or hire manpower to design and manufacture customized Diwali gift. In Diwali, people have a tradition to exchange gift article or customized gifts. Thus starting a Diwali gift business seems to be a very good business option.

Christmas Decoration Business

In line with Diwali gift business, another seasonal business is Christmas decoration business. Each year people spend a lot of money on Christmas decorations worldwide. It gives birth to a new business opportunity. In this business, you need to design, produce and sell custom one-of-a-kind Christmas decorations. The investment required for this business is moderate.

Ice cream making

The next business idea is ice cream making. The demand for ice cream is generally high in the summer season. If you have investment capacity, you can start an ice cream making business. This business can be started initially at a lower scale and expanded based on projected growth.

Holi Colors and Spray Gun Business

Holi Colors and Spray Gun Business is the next seasonal business idea. There are two different options to start this business. The first option is to sell Holi Color and Spray Gun. The second option is to manufacture own Holi colors and start selling. The investment required for this business is moderate.

Raincoat Business

Starting raincoat and umbrella business is next business option. It is a seasonal business of the rainy season. You require a small shop to start this business. The investment required for this business is low.

Warm Cloth Business

The last business is a warm cloth business. Warm Cloths are usually in demand during the winter season. Most of the warm clothes are imported from outside country. If you have a skill and competent manpower you can think of manufacturing warm clothes. The investment required for this business is moderate.

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