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5 Best Mobile Banking App in India 2024

Usage of mobile banking app is growing. Mobile banking app provides ease, flexibility, and speed while performing transactions. Most of the people in India are moving away with traditional banking & adopting mobile banking.

Almost every private sector bank and PSU bank is offering a mobile banking app for performing transactions on the move. This eliminates the need for a computer, laptop, and physical visit to the bank for performing banking transactions. Once you download and install a mobile banking app on your mobile you will be able to perform all banking transactions at your convenience.

In this post, I will share a list of 5 Best Mobile Banking Apps in India 2024 along with criteria for the selection.

Mobile Banking App

How to select the Best Mobile Banking App?

You need to consider the following factors while selecting the best mobile banking app.


Security is on the top of the list while evaluating mobile banking apps. The banking app should be secured with two-factor authentication. If possible banking app should provide bio-metric authentication.

Ease of Use

The first important factor for consideration while evaluating a mobile banking app is ease of use. The mobile app should be user-friendly and easy to use. The navigation (menus) should be logically designed and with clear labeling.

Traditional banking facilities

Mobile apps should offer traditional banking facilities such as ATM card issue, card block, PIN generation, balance inquiries, cheque book requests etc.

Payment Options

The best mobile banking app should provide multiple payment options such as IMPS, NEFT, QR Code payment, BHIM UPI payment, and QR code payment. It will help in making payments using the mobile app easily. 

Biller registration

The app should provide a facility for biller registration and remembering the biller/beneficiary while making a transaction. All transactions and bill payments via the app should be easy and free.

Other Features

Additional desirable features in a mobile app are credit card management, ATM locator, rail ticket booking, hotel flight, and movie ticket booking etc.

Tracking Finance

The app should provide the facility for tracking your finances effectively. It is desirable to have a dashboard view showing your income and expenses.

Notification & Alerts

All alerts and notifications should be notified in the mobile notification center. The mobile app should provide a facility to turn off notifications.

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5 Best Mobile Banking App in India 2024

ICICI Bank iMobile

ICICI Bank iMobile is one of the best mobile banking apps. iMobile offers 200 banking and informational services on the fingertips. Easy navigation via grid architecture and enhance security via 2FA (two-factor authentication) makes iMobile different compared to other banking mobile apps. Key features of ICICI Banki iMobile app are given below.

  • Pay and collect money via UPI, IMPS, NEFT, QR Code.
  • Check bank balance and detail statement on mobile.
  • Bill payment and recharge on the move.
  • Credit card and loan account management on mobile.
  • Blocking credit card from the app.
  • Investment and insurance management such as mutual fund, FD, IPO via app.
  • Two-factor authentication at the time of fund transfer.
  • Travel booking including railway, taxi and hotel booking via app.
  • Advance tax payment feature.
  • Special application iWare to view transactions on a smartwatch.


YONO Lite SBI is a mobile banking app for the SBI account holders. Earlier this app was known as SBI Anywhere personal. This app supports English, Hindi, Tamil, Gujarati and Punjabi languages. It is safe and easy to use app with a lot of features. In addition to click-based transactions, you can also use voice-assisted transactions in this app. Key facilities offered by YONO Lite SBI are given below.

  • Transfer money using RTGS/NEFT/IMPS and QR Code.
  • Transfer money to mobile number or email id using mCash.
  • Basic transaction such as mini statement/passbook etc.
  • Voice assisted transaction facility for balance enquiry, bill payment etc.
  • Opening or closing fixed deposits using mobile app.
  • Bill payment and recharge facility.
  • Schedule transactions facility.
  • Smartwatch banking facility available.

Axis Mobile

Axis Mobile is easy to use a safe and secure mobile banking application. This application supports more than 100 features and services for the banking need. Axis Mobile has a very good rating from the end-users on the Google Play. Key features offered by Axis Mobile App are given below.

  • Easy to use dashboard for all axis bank accounts.
  • Make payment via IMPS, UPI, QR Code.
  • Spend analyzer feature
  • Accessibility to credit card, loan, deposit, demat and mutual funds.
  • Schedule and Auto Pay bill using mobile app.
  • Personalized the accounts and payee added to app.
  • Personalization of side menu by adding a picture.
  • Six digit mPIN for enhancing security. 

Bank of Baroda M-Connect Plus

M-Connect Plus is an official mobile application for the Bank of Baroda customers. M-Connect Plus offers rich features and a unique facility of cardless cash withdrawal. Facilities offered by M-Connect Plus are given below.

  • Support of multiple regional languages.
  • Fund transfer using NEFT and IMPS.
  • Fixed deposit and recurring deposit opening.
  • Bill payment and recharge facility.
  • 360-degree view of accounts.
  • Other services such as ATM Locator, TDS certificate, account statement etc.

HDFC Bank MobileBanking App

HDFC Bank MobileBanking is best mobile banking app. HDFC MobileBanking app makes your life easy as you can perform 120+ banking transactions on the move. Easy navigation and enhance security are added advantages of this app. The facility provided by HDFC MobileBanking App are given below.

  • Login in secure manner using Face ID.
  • View and update saving account, fixed deposit, credit card outstanding.
  • Payment transfer and Auto bill payment facility.
  • Check demat balances and invest on the move.
  • Download e-TDS certificate.
  • Instantly open fixed deposit or recurring deposit.

Tips while using mobile banking app

The usage of mobile banking app provides ease and convenience however it comes with its own security risks. If you are using mobile banking app here are few tips that will surely help to secure yourself from hacker.

Keep your mobile banking app updated

The app developer release updated version of app with new features, bug fixes and security fixes time to time. You should keep your mobile banking app updated as and when new version is released. It is good idea to give special app permission to install the latest updates automatically.

Avoid use of public Wi-Fi network

The public Wi-Fi network is risky in nature. The public Wi-Fi network might be infected with Trojan or hidden virus that can take away valuable information from your device. Thus you should avoid usage of public Wi-Fi network while making banking transaction via mobile app.

Never store/share your login credential

You should never store or share your login credential (password, pin) in the handset. Saving credential while logging to app is bad idea. It will lead to big security risk.

Use of biometric login/security

It is advisable to make use of biometric login security (if possible). It will help in securing mobile banking app from misuse.

Clear data periodically

Make sure to clear data stored in the application periodically. It will help you to avoid leakage of sensitive information. However, once you clear data it will remove options set for the application and you need to reset all settings.

Don’t save sensitive information

You should not store any sensitive information in your banking app such as credit card/debit card number, CVV, net banking password in your mobile app.

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