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Best Micro Jobs Websites to make money online in 2024

Micro Jobs

Micro Jobs is one of the easiest ways to make money online. Micro Jobs can help you to generate a reasonable monthly income. You just need to utilize your skills in the micro-job and you can make money by sitting at home.

Micro Jobs are freelancer type jobs such as freelance writing, editing, graphic creation, e-mail marketing, letter typing, filling a survey, etc. Many students and homemakers across India are sourcing part-time jobs as freelancer from online websites.

Many online websites offer micro-jobs. However, all of them are not genuine. Here is a list of Best legitimate Micro Jobs Websites to make money online in 2024.

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Best Micro Jobs Websites to make money online in 2024

#1 Fiverr

Fiverr is the most popular and perhaps best market place for freelancers online. You can sell your services on Fiverr starting from $5. Fiverr is a completely free platform. The work on this platform can be online or offline. The work here will be called Gig.

To make money via this method, you need to sign up on the website and create a Gig. Advertise it by writing description about work. Complete the work and get paid for the work done.

You can create Gig like logo design, wordpress customization, mobile apps, video animation, SEO, web programming, content writing and many more. You need to make your strong profile with customer rating. Once you get good rating your sell will increase.

#2 GigBucks 

GigBucks is online market place where you can sell your work/skill from $5 to $50. Posting on this site is absolutely free. You can post multiple gigs on this site. You will be acting as seller on this site for micro jobs.

You can do micro jobs in various categories such as programming, content writing, graphics, photography, social marketing, translation etc. You will be paid via Paypal or Payza.

#3 Zeerk

Zeerk is one of the top micro job & freelance services website. You can list your micro jobs from $3 to $200. Zeerk also adopt similar method like GigBucks, you need to post your services and wait for someone to find you and buy your services.

Once you complete work worth $5 your account will be credited. You can also become affiliate and earn additional money with Zeerk.

#4 Truelancer

Truelancer is trusted community of freelancer for Micro Jobs in India. You can work with real clients across world on Truelancer website. Creating account and posting a project on this website is free of cost.

You can post work in various areas such as programming, content writing, graphic design, data entry, finance, sales and marketing.

#5 Guru 

Guru is high quality micro job website for the freelancer. It is claim that around 3 million people use this website all over. It is easy to work on Guru. You need to create your profile and post your skills a freelance professional. You can post in various area such as administrative & secretarial, business finance, engineering etc. 

#6 Amazon MTurk 

Amazon MTurk one of the best and my favorite micro jobs site. I have used this website personally for making money. There are thousand number of tasks available at MTurk marketplace. The task here is called as HIT. You need to find out HIT suitable for you and start working on task. The task includes image, video, data verification, data gathering and processing tasks. You can make average $6 to $10 on Amazon MTurk. 

#7 UpWork 

UpWork is largest and most trusted freelancer website. UpWork demands slightly higher skills. If you are expert in web, mobile & software development, admin support, customer service or data science and analytics this site is for you.

You can offer your services as well as hire services of other people on this website. 

#8 CrowdSource 

CrowdSource is manage crowdsourcing solution. The main tasks offered by this websites are content writing, data analysis, moderation, transcript jobs etc. You need to pass qualification test to join as workforce on this site. You will be paid via Paypal on this website. 

Over to you 

Apart from the Top 10 Micro Jobs website listed above, there are many other websites where you can offer your services. Select the sites suitable for your requirements and start working online.

If you are already instrumental in doing micro jobs on these sites and making money online, share your experience in the comment section given below.

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