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Best Diversified Equity Funds for Investment – 50% return in one year

diversified equity funds

Diversify your investment, never put your all eggs in one basket. It is a valuable investment advice given by famous investment guru Warren Buffet. Keeping his investment advice in mind, today’s post is about Best Diversified equity funds for investment. Investment in this diversified equity fund will surely give you very good return in the future. So, without wasting much of time let’s take a look at Best Diversified Equity Fund and method used for identification.

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Best Diversified Equity Funds for Investment 

Following method is used for identification of Diversified equity fund for investment.

Diversified equity funds – I have focused only on diversified, mid cap and small cap funds. Other funds are not taken into the consideration. This is to diversify the investment portfolio.

Historical Performance – The second factor for consideration is a historical performance of funds. All funds are consistent performers with a very good return. Last 5-year return is considered in order to decide best performing fund.

Fund Inception and credibility – Another important selection factor is an age of fund and its credibility. I have considered mutual fund from well-known fund house with the oldest fund.

Fund Ranking – Ranking of the fund by CRISIL and Value Research is also taken into account for selection of funds.

Risk Factor – Higher the risk, higher the return considering this philosophy in mind I have selected mutual fund High and Moderate Risk factor.

Fund Manager – I have considered Fund Manager Expertise and experience for the selection of these mutual funds.

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5 Best Diversified Equity Mutual Funds

Tata Equity P/E Fund (G)

The first diversified equity fund for investment is Tata Equity P/E Fund. Tata Equity P/E fund has given 50% return in one year (year 2016). A historical performance of this fund is very good. The CRISIL Ranking of this fund is 5. This fund is categories as moderately high. This fund was launched in the year 2004.

ICICI Pru Dynamic Plan (G)

The second diversified equity fund is ICICI Pru Dynamic Plan. ICICI Pru Dynamic Plan has given 39.1% return to the investor in last one year. The fund has given a very good return in past few years. The CRISIL Ranking of this fund is 4. It is moderately high-risk fund. This fund was launched in the year 2002.

HDFC Mid-Cap Opportunities (G)

The next fund under diversified category is small cap mid cap fund HDFC Mid-Cap Opportunities fund. HDFC Mid-Cap Opportunities has given 42.7% return in the year 2016. Historically this fund has given double digit return to investor every year. It is ten-year-old fund rated 4 by CRISIL. This fund is for moderately high-risk investors.

Birla SL Equity Fund – (G)

Birla SL Equity Fund is next diversified equity fund for investment. Birla SL Equity Fund has given 42.6% return to the investor in the year 2016. Past performance of this fund is very good. In last 5 year every year this fund has given double digit return to the investor. The fund ranking of this fund by CRISIL is 5. It is a very good fund for the investment.

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Reliance Small Cap Fund (G)

The last fund for investment is Reliance Small Cap Fund. This fund is from small cap mid cap category. This fund has given 42.4% return to the investor in last year. Historical performance of this fund is very good. The fund ranking of Reliance Small Cap fund by CRISIL is 4. It is for moderately high-risk investors.

diversified equity funds

Do you carry above diversified equity funds in your portfolio?

If your mutual fund list does not match with above list that does not mean that your selection is wrong. Remember that there are thousand number of mutual funds schemes and selection terminology selected by every individual is different.

Stay invested in your mutual funds and monitor a performance of the funds closely.

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