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How to become wealthy? – 7 Secrets of the wealthy people

How to generate a wealth that last forever? How wealthy people become wealthy?  How a person like Bill Gates become the richest person in the world in his thirties?  Do you know the secret of Warren Buffet and Rakesh Jhunjhunwala about wealth generation? All these people came from middle-class families.  Yet they were able to generate apex of wealth in a short span of time. So today let’s try to get an answer of question which everyone is looking for – How to become wealthy?

7 wealth secrets - become wealthy

How to become wealthy? – 7 Secrets of the wealthy people

  1. In order to become wealthy, you need to follow ultra-rich wealthy people.
  2. Wealthy people created an asset that is worth billions of dollars. If you have a potential to do so you can also become wealthy.

Example –

Bill gates become wealthy by doing a business of windows OS.

Jan Koum sold Whatsapp to become wealthy.

Mark Zuckerberg made facebook to become wealthy.

What business are you going to do to become wealthy? Create successful business in which people wants to invest.

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  1. Wealthy people know how to generate money out of money. They have investment mindset. They have the power to identify a good business for investment. They invest in assets (business) for wealth generation.

Example –

Rakesh Jhunjhunwala became wealthy by doing stock market trading. He generated a wealth of 1.9 Billon dollars with an investment of few thousand rupees.

Warren Buffet investment guru has turned wealth by making a stock market investment.

  1. Wealthy people are innovative. They know how to make a great product. If you want to become wealthy you need to develop out of the box thinking. This reminds me of very good book ‘Stay Hungary Stay Foolish’. Book shares innovative ideas that turn into successful business.

 Example –

Steve Job made wonderful product iPad and iPhone which is ruling the market.

  1. Rich people keep multiple sources of income. They build passive income. Keeping a single source of income in today’s world is foolishness. If you want to become rich you need to build a multiple source of income. If possible try to build a passive source of income.
  2. Becoming wealthy means doing smart work, not hard Work. If you want to be rich stop doing a job. Rich people never work under boss. They become the boss. Today, I meet number of people who work hard for building a career, increasing position or building the reputation. These people are generally employee or self- employee people. They work hard for earning more money, but they don’t know success means doing less in order to make more.
  3. Rich people build a team that work for his goal. Rich people believe that key to success is laziness. They find innovative ways to do more with less they empower their teams to be successful for them.

Can you become wealthy? Only you can answer this question. If you have an innovative business idea, great product, right team and right mindset you can also become wealthy.

Your comments and success ideas are welcome!

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