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Azaadi Ki Udaan – 9 Freedom Stocks by CNBC

Freedom stocks

On occasion of Independence Day 15th Aug, 2014 CNBC Awaaz brings special program called as Azaadi Ki Uddan. This special program is to make you free from stock market tension. Yes in this program three stock experts Sudeep Bandopadhyay (Destimoney Security Limited), V K Sharma (HDFC Securities) & D D Sharma (Risk Capital Advisor) has shared 9 Freedom stocks. In these stocks you can invest your money risk free and expect good returns. So let us check out 9 Freedom Stocks by these stock market experts.

Stocks by D D Sharma

Mahindra Holiday

Target – 450 Rs/-  (1 Year)

CMP – 288 Rs/-

Mahindra Holiday is first pick by B D Sharma. Mahindra Holiday is Debt Free Company very good sustainable business model. Mahindra Holiday is market leader in holiday segment. Good Management and growing assets make this stock candidate for long term investment. You should buy and hold this stock.

Lanco Industries

Target – 80 Rs/-  (1 Year)

CMP – 47 Rs/-

Lanco is in the business of manufacturing pipes for conveying safe drinking water and other fluids for domestic and overseas markets. This business is having sustainable demand potential. They are about to expand capacity, with sustainable business and growing potential it is advisable to invest in this business.

Mangalam Cement

Target – 350 Rs/-  (6 Months)

CMP – 240 Rs/-

Mangalam Cement is B K Birla Group Cement Company. Recent government initiative about infrastructure development and growing Real estate demand will defiantly help cement business. One can make investment in this stock with target of 350 Rs/ – in 1 year.

Stocks by Sudeep Bandopadhyay

Jyoti Labs

Target – 220 Rs/-  (6 Months)

CMP – 189 Rs/-

FMCG is ever green sector with very good business potential. Jyoti Labs is one of the very good pick in FMCG sector. This company is having very good profitability and profit margins. Jyoti labs is about to launch multiple new products in FMCG sector. Looking at growing demand, profitability and cost control Jyoti labs is very good stock for investment.

J K Cement

Target – 310 Rs/-  (6 Months)

CMP – 269 Rs/-

Cement sector is on focus government is emphasizing more on infrastructure housing and real estate. For all this development work demand of cement will grow. J K Cement is leader in cement segment. With growing demand J K Cement is likely to perform better.


Target – 400 Rs/-  (6 Months)

CMP – 351 Rs/-

Titan manufacture watches, jewellery, precision engineering components and other accessories including sunglasses, wallets, bags and belts. Titan is excellent company with very good management. Today Indian consumption pattern is changing and people are focusing on organized sector for purchase of jewelry and other related item. Looking at this fact it is expected that Titan will perform better.

Stocks by V K Sharma

Capital First

Target – 350 Rs/-  (1 Year)

CMP – 257 Rs/-

Capital first is NBFC and gives Loans to people.  Capital first has a comprehensive product suite to meet multiple financial needs of customers including Consumer Lending, Corporate Lending. Management of Capital first is very good. This company is growing very fast and very good for investing money.

Tata Elxsi

Target – 800 Rs/-  (1 Year)

CMP – 579 Rs/-

Tata Elxsi is a design company that blends technology, creativity and engineering to help customers transform ideas into world-class products and solutions. Tata Elxsi makes embedded software and it is having demand and future potential. One can make investment in this stock with target of 800 Rs/ – in 1 year.

Shree Ram Transport

Target – 1080 Rs/-  (1 Year)

CMP – 892 Rs/-

Shree Ram Transport is commercial vehicle finance company. Shree Ram Transport is having excellent management and very good experience. In this bad time also they are doing well. With revival in economy this stock is expected to perform better. One can invest in this stock for long-term.

What do you think about these stocks? Do share your views.

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