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ASM List – What to do in ASM list Stocks?

What is ASM list? How to get ASM listed shares?

The ASM list has created havoc in the stock market. All shares listed under ASM list are declining sharply. Investors are worried and directionless. They are wondering about what to do in ASM listed stocks? If your portfolio also contains ASM shares and you need help about decoding term ASM and precaution you should take here is complete information about ASM including ASM list.

ASM list - Additional Surveillance Measure List

What is ASM?

ASM is Additional Surveillance Measures. It is a new category formulated by SEBI to check market manipulation. High-risk stocks are placed under ASM list. Let’s try to understand this by example.

Graphite India is a multibagger stock. Graphite India has given exceptionally high returns to the investors in past one year. On 31st May, 2017 stock price of Graphite India was Rs.115 and on 31st May, 2018 price of Graphite India was Rs.888. This means in last one year this stock has given 672% CAGR return to the investors.

Graphite India is now placed under ASM list. Similar to Graphite India there are other multibagger stocks such as HEG, Dilip Buildcon which are placed in ASM list. You must be thinking why multibagger stocks are placed in ASM list.

The stocks that follow simple criteria such as price volume spike is put under watch. Apart from that if a stock price is not justifying fundamentals it is put under ASM list.

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ASM list is released by BSE and NSE as per SEBI’s guideline under ASM framework. The intent is to keep the Indian equity markets safe for investors and check undue volatility in stock prices.

The exchange will review these stocks on a bimonthly basis and make the changes as per ASM framework. The shortlisting of stock under the framework is only on the account of surveillance it is not a disciplinary action against the company.

How ASM affects Investors and Traders?

After getting complete understanding about ASM let’s try to understand how ASM affects stock market investors and traders.

  • Intraday trading in ASM listed stock will be very difficult. Trader dealing in such stocks have to deposit 100% margin, and these counters attract 5% circuit filter. This means stock price in such stock cannot go up or down by more than 5%. This means traders have limited profit or losses.
  • One can sell shares if it is lying in the demat account.
  • For investor it is bad news. Due to negative bias, these type of stocks are likely to fall. Existing investors profit will be negatively impacted.
  • If you are long-term investors you need not worry about such short-term fluctuation or negative news.
  • The ASM measures helps uninformed investor as it reduce speculation in the stock market.

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ASM List

Here is the list of stocks along with scrip code that are placed under Long Term ASM List –

Long Term – Additional Surveillance Measure (LT-ASM)

163MOONS63 moons technologies limitedStage IV
2A2ZINFRAA2Z Infra Engineering LimitedStage I
3AARONAaron Industries LimitedStage I
4AARVEEDENAarvee Denims & Exports LimitedStage I
5ADANITRANSAdani Transmission LimitedStage II
6ADVANIHOTRAdvani Hotels & Resorts (India) LimitedStage I
7AGRITECHAgri-Tech (India) LimitedStage I
8AKSHOPTFBRAksh Optifibre LimitedStage I
9ALICONAlicon Castalloy LimitedStage I
10ALLCARGOAllcargo Logistics LimitedStage I
11ALPAAlpa Laboratories LimitedStage I
12AMBIKCOAmbika Cotton Mills LimitedStage I
13ANSALAPIAnsal Properties & Infrastructure LimitedStage I
14ARCHIESArchies LimitedStage I
15ARIHANTCAPArihant Capital Markets LimitedStage I
16ARIHANTSUPArihant Superstructures LimitedStage I
17ASALAutomotive Stampings and Assemblies LimitedStage IV
18ATGLAdani Total Gas LimitedStage III
19AYMSYNTEXAYM Syntex LimitedStage I
20BAFNAPHBafna Pharmaceuticals LimitedStage I
21BCGBrightcom Group LimitedStage III
22BEDMUTHABedmutha Industries LimitedStage I
23BIGBLOCBigbloc Construction LimitedStage I
24BIOFILCHEMBiofil Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals LimitedStage I
25BSLBSL LimitedStage I
26CAPTRUSTCapital Trust LimitedStage I
27CHEMFABChemfab Alkalis LimitedStage I
28CINELINECineline India LimitedStage I
29COFFEEDAYCoffee Day Enterprises LimitedStage I
30CREATIVECreative Newtech LimitedStage I
31CREATIVEYECreative Eye LimitedStage I
32DALMIASUGDalmia Bharat Sugar and Industries LimitedStage I
33DBREALTYD B Realty LimitedStage IV
34DCWDCW LimitedStage I
35DEVITDev Information Technology LimitedStage I
36DHANIDhani Services LimitedStage I
37DIGJAMLMTDDigjam LimitedStage I
38DONEARDonear Industries LimitedStage I
39DPABHUSHAND. P. Abhushan LimitedStage I
40DVLDhunseri Ventures LimitedStage I
41EIFFLEuro India Fresh Foods LimitedStage I
42EKCEverest Kanto Cylinder LimitedStage I
43EROSMEDIAEros International Media LimitedStage I
44FELFuture Enterprises LimitedStage I
45FELDVRFuture Enterprises LimitedStage II
46FLUOROCHEMGujarat Fluorochemicals LimitedStage IV
47FOCUSFocus Lighting and Fixtures LimitedStage I
48GANGAFORGEGanga Forging LimitedStage I
49GENESYSGenesys International Corporation LimitedStage I
50GLOBEGlobe Textiles (India) LimitedStage I
51GOKULAGROGokul Agro Resources LimitedStage IV
52GOODLUCKGoodluck India LimitedStage IV
53GRAVITAGravita India LimitedStage I
54GTLINFRAGTL Infrastructure LimitedStage II
55GULPOLYGulshan Polyols LimitedStage IV
56HAPPSTMNDSHappiest Minds Technologies LimitedStage I
57HCL-INSYSHCL Infosystems LimitedStage I
58HECPROJECTHEC Infra Projects LimitedStage I
59HGSHinduja Global Solutions LimitedStage I
60HIKALHikal LimitedStage I
61HILTONHilton Metal Forging LimitedStage I
62HINDNATGLSHindusthan National Glass & Industries LimitedStage I
63HPLHPL Electric & Power LimitedStage I
64IITLIndustrial Investment Trust LimitedStage I
65IMAGICAAImagicaaworld Entertainment LimitedStage I
66INFOBEANInfoBeans Technologies LimitedStage I
67INVENTUREInventure Growth & Securities LimitedStage I
69IWELInox Wind Energy LimitedStage II
70JAIPURKURTNandani Creation LimitedStage I
71JAYNECOINDJayaswal Neco Industries LimitedStage III
72JBMAJBM Auto LimitedStage I
73JHSJHS Svendgaard Laboratories LimitedStage I
74JINDWORLDJindal Worldwide LimitedStage I
75JPINFRATECJaypee Infratech LimitedStage I
76JPOLYINVSTJindal Poly Investment and Finance Company LimitedStage I
77JPPOWERJaiprakash Power Ventures LimitedStage I
78JSLHISARJindal Stainless (Hisar) LimitedStage I
79JSWENERGYJSW Energy LimitedStage IV
80KABRAEXTRUKabra Extrusion Technik LimitedStage I
81KDDLKDDL LimitedStage I
82KECLKirloskar Electric Company LimitedStage I
83KELLTONTECKellton Tech Solutions LimitedStage I
84KHAICHEMKhaitan Chemicals & Fertilizers LimitedStage I
85KPIGLOBALK.P.I. Global Infrastructure LimitedStage I
86KPITTECHKPIT Technologies LimitedStage I
87KPRMILLK.P.R. Mill LimitedStage I
88KREBSBIOKrebs Biochemicals and Industries LimitedStage I
89LAGNAMLagnam Spintex LimitedStage I
90LINCLinc LimitedStage I
91LSILLloyds Steels Industries LimitedStage IV
92MANINFRAMan Infraconstruction LimitedStage I
93MANUGRAPHManugraph India LimitedStage I
94MBLINFRAMBL Infrastructures LimitedStage I
95MCLMadhav Copper LimitedStage I
96MCLEODRUSSMcleod Russel India LimitedStage I
97MEPMEP Infrastructure Developers LimitedStage I
98MGELMangalam Global Enterprise LimitedStage I
99MHLXMIRUMahalaxmi Rubtech LimitedStage I
100MIRZAINTMirza International LimitedStage I
101MOKSHMoksh Ornaments LimitedStage I
102MOLDTKPACMold-Tek Packaging LimitedStage I
103MOLDTKPACMold-Tek Packaging LimitedStage I
104MTEDUCAREMT Educare LimitedStage I
105NAHARPOLYNahar Poly Films LimitedStage I
106NAHARSPINGNahar Spinning Mills LimitedStage IV
107NDLNandan Denim LimitedStage I
108NDTVNew Delhi Television LimitedStage I
109NELCONELCO LimitedStage II
110NETWORK18Network18 Media & Investments LimitedStage I
111NILAINFRANila Infrastructures LimitedStage I
112NITCONitco LimitedStage I
113NITINSPINNitin Spinners LimitedStage III
114OLECTRAOlectra Greentech LimitedStage I
115OMAXAUTOOmax Autos LimitedStage I
116ONELIFECAPOnelife Capital Advisors LimitedStage I
117ONEPOINTOne Point One Solutions LimitedStage I
118ORIENTLTDOrient Press LimitedStage I
119OSWALAGROOswal Agro Mills LimitedStage I
120PANSARIPansari Developers LimitedStage I
121PGELPG Electroplast LimitedStage I
122PODDARHOUSPoddar Housing and Development LimitedStage I
123POKARNAPokarna LimitedStage I
124PRAXISPraxis Home Retail LimitedStage I
125PRECWIREPrecision Wires India LimitedStage IV
126PREMEXPLNPremier Explosives LimitedStage I
127PRIVISCLPrivi Speciality Chemicals LimitedStage I
128RAJMETRajnandini Metal LimitedStage I
129RAJRATANRajratan Global Wire LimitedStage IV
130RAMASTEELRama Steel Tubes LimitedStage I
131RELCAPITALReliance Capital LimitedStage I
132RGLRenaissance Global LimitedStage I
133RSSOFTWARER. S. Software (India) LimitedStage I
134SANGAMINDSangam (India) LimitedStage I
135SAREGAMASaregama India LimitedStage IV
136SCAPDVRStampede Capital LimitedStage I
137SELMCSEL Manufacturing Company LimitedStage III
138SGILSynergy Green Industries LimitedStage I
139SGLSTL Global LimitedStage I
140SHAHALLOYSShah Alloys LimitedStage I
141SHARDACROPSharda Cropchem LimitedStage I
142SHAREINDIAShare India Securities LimitedStage I
143SHIVAMAUTOShivam Autotech LimitedStage I
144SHIVAMILLSShiva Mills LimitedStage I
145SIMBHALSSimbhaoli Sugars LimitedStage I
146SIMPLEXINFSimplex Infrastructures LimitedStage I
147SINTERCOMSintercom India LimitedStage I
148SINTEXSintex Industries LimitedStage I
149SMARTLINKSmartlink Holdings LimitedStage I
150SREINFRASREI Infrastructure Finance LimitedStage I
151SUMITSumit Woods LimitedStage I
152SUPREMEENGSupreme Engineering LimitedStage I
153SUVIDHAASuvidhaa Infoserve LimitedStage I
154TALBROAUTOTalbros Automotive Components LimitedStage I
155TCIEXPTCI Express LimitedStage I
156TDPOWERSYSTD Power Systems LimitedStage I
157TEJASNETTejas Networks LimitedStage I
158TFLTranswarranty Finance LimitedStage I
159TGBHOTELSTGB Banquets And Hotels LimitedStage I
160THEMISMEDThemis Medicare LimitedStage III
161TITilaknagar Industries LimitedStage I
162TIPSINDLTDTIPS Industries LimitedStage IV
163TIRUPATIFLTirupati Forge LimitedStage I
164TMRVLThe Mandhana Retail Ventures LimitedStage I
165TOKYOPLASTTokyo Plast International LimitedStage I
167TRIDENTTrident LimitedStage IV
168TTMLTata Teleservices (Maharashtra) LimitedStage IV
169UNIINFOUniinfo Telecom Services LimitedStage I
170UNITEDPOLYUnited Polyfab Gujarat LimitedStage II
171UNIVPHOTOUniversus Photo Imagings LimitedStage I
172USHAMARTUsha Martin LimitedStage I
173VARDHACRLCVardhman Acrylics LimitedStage I
174VARDMNPOLYVardhman Polytex LimitedStage I
175VIDHIINGVidhi Specialty Food Ingredients LimitedStage I
176VISASTEELVisa Steel LimitedStage I
177VISHNUVishnu Chemicals LimitedStage IV
178VIVIMEDLABVivimed Labs LimitedStage I
179WALCHANNAGWalchandnagar Industries LimitedStage I
180WEBELSOLARWebsol Energy System LimitedStage I
181WEIZMANINDWeizmann LimitedStage I
182WINPROWinPro Industries LimitedStage I
183XPROINDIAXpro India LimitedStage IV
184ZENTECZen Technologies LimitedStage I


Here is the list of stocks along with scrip code that are placed under Short Term ASM List –

Short Term – Additional Surveillance Measure (ST-ASM)

1AGSTRAAGS Transact Technologies LimitedStage I
2AKGAkg Exim LimitedStage I
3DSSLDynacons Systems & Solutions LimitedStage I
4GLOBALGlobal Education LimitedStage I
5JAGSNPHARMJagsonpal Pharmaceuticals LimitedStage I
6KEYFINSERVKeynote Financial Services LimitedStage II
7KOTHARIPROKothari Products LimitedStage I
8MAANALUMaan Aluminium LimitedStage I
9MBAPLMadhya Bharat Agro Products LimitedStage I
10MEGASTARMegastar Foods LimitedStage I
11ORIENTBELLOrient Bell LimitedStage I
12PANACHEPanache Digilife LimitedStage I
13PFOCUSPrime Focus LimitedStage I
14RBARestaurant Brands Asia LimitedStage I
15RKDLRavi Kumar Distilleries LimitedStage I
16SALONASalona Cotspin LimitedStage I
17SOLARASolara Active Pharma Sciences LimitedStage I
18SOUTHWESTSouth West Pinnacle Exploration LimitedStage I
19TIMESGTYTimes Guaranty LimitedStage I
20VADILALINDVadilal Industries LimitedStage I
21VAISHALIVaishali Pharma LimitedStage I


Note above list is as on 7th March 2022. You can find the latest list on NSE website.

What investor should do in ASM Listed Stocks?

ASM is good for the long-term investors. There can be short-term panic in ASM listed stocks but it is good for quality stocks as it eliminates speculations.

If you have ASM listed stock in your portfolio don’t get panic. Follow the steps given below.

  • Avoid Fresh entry in ASM listed stocks. Due to trading restriction stock price is likely to go down further.
  • Study fundamentals of the stock. If fundamentals of stocks are good to stay invested in the stock. If required take help of a stock market expert.
  • If fundamental of the company is bad then try to exit as early as possible.

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I hope the information given above on ASM list will be helpful to the investors.

What is your take on the ASM list?

Do share your queries and comments.

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Happy investing!

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