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How to Download Aadhaar Update History from UIDAI website?

Now you can download Aadhaar Update History easily. UIDAI has launched new facility to download Aadhaar update facility. Many time we change our Aadhaar Information like address, mobile number or other demographic details. If you want to see what changes are made on Aadhaar card you can download Aadhaar Update history from UIDAI website.

The Aadhaar Update history is helpful in many ways. Firstly when you apply for various services such as passport, visa and other sundry jobs you can use this facility to ascertain residence history for the past few years. Secondly, it also helps you to verify that if any unauthorized update has taken place or someone has wrongly updated your Aadhaar.

It will also give you residence proof along with history. Suppose currently you are staying in a Surat and after few years you moved to Mumbai. You have updated card with Mumbai address, then with help of download Aadhaar update history, you can give proof that you were earlier living in another city.

Apart from this, if you have changed your name due to any specific reason you will be able to get proof online in update history.

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This is a very good step to empower people. It will also eliminate a need for maintaining a physical copy of address proof. You can download history anytime online and use it for various services.

The update history shows date-wise update detail made in address, name and other demographic details. You can even see addition and deletion of mobile or email. Here is step by step process to download Aadhaar Update History from UIDAI website.

How to Download Aadhaar Update History from UIDAI website?

Step 1

Visit UIDAI portal on the home page you will find the link called as “Aadhaar Update History” (currently beta). This link is under the tab of “Aadhaar Update”. Click on this link to download history.

Aadhaar Update


Step 2

On clicking this link you will be taken to a new page where you need to enter your Aadhaar number and security code. Alternatively, you can also use VID (virtual identification). After entering details click on “Send OTP” button. You will get OTP (one-time password) on your registered mobile number. The OTP is valid for 30 minutes. Enter the OTP and click on submit button for validation.

aadhaar update history

Step 3

Upon validation, you will be able to see all historical Aadhaar update done by you at a single place. It will also show the date on which modification was carried out. The update history screen looks like below.

download aadhaar update history

If your Aadhaar is seeded with an e-mail address, UIDAI will send an e-mail indicating update history is downloaded. It is an additional security feature to know who has viewed or downloaded updates.

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Benefits of download Aadhaar Update History

The benefits of downloading Update history are given below.

  1. Address History online which can be viewed as and when required with a click of the button.
  2. Along with address history, you will be able to see other demographic change detail.
  3. You can use this history as a proof for various services including passport, visa etc.
  4. You can verify if anyone has modified information wrongly or not.

Currently, this facility is under beta stage. You may find some hiccups while accessing history.

Hope you will find this information useful. If you have any query about downloading Aadhaar Update History please post it in the comment section.

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