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7 Best Mobile Apps for Business

Business demands extensive capital, manpower, skill, resources, and knowledge. Apart from this you also need good computing power and a business app to enhance the efficacy of your business. Multiple smartphone apps are available in the market today I will provide you information about the 7 best apps for business.

best business mobile apps

7 Best Mobile Apps for Business

Microsoft 365 (Office)

Microsoft 365 (Office) is an office application app from Microsoft. This app allows you to open Word, excel, and PowerPoint documents on the go.

This app automatically optimizes documents based on your mobile screen layout. This app also allows you to edit these documents. The beauty of this tool is although you are editing on mobile formatting and content remains intact. You must download and use this app for business.

Cisco Webex

The Cisco Webex app allows you to conduct online meetings or presentations with your client on the move. Webex allows presentation/screen sharing, and voice and video conference facilities. You can also make multiparty video calls using this tool. Cisco Webex is a licensed product and you need to spend a few dollars for the same.

One Note or Ever Note

One Note or Ever Note is a very good note-taking business tool. This tool allows you to keep all data a single place be it handwritten notes, photos, videos, web articles, or anything else. This tool works with multiple devices. It also keeps all data in sync. It comes with powerful search and tagging functionality. You should use this app for business.

Business Calendar

Business Calendar is a free business app that keeps track of all your important meetings and appointments. It also allows you to add a favorite bar for easy access.  You can scroll and view daily and monthly calendar views. A search facility and color coding facility are available with this tool.

Google Drive

Google Drive is a business app for taking backups of your important data. Google by default provides 15 GB of space to end users.  This limit can be further enhanced to 30 GB. You can store your all important documents, photos, and videos with Google Drive.

Card Scanner

Card Scanner is a wonderful business app. This app comes with an OCR facility. Take Snap a photo of a business card using your mobile camera and this app will read and extract details from this snap.  This app also supports multiple languages.


The CRM app by ZOHO helps you to access customer information available on the CRM portal of ZOHO. This tool offers complete customer relationship management. You can manage end-to-end customer details from this tool like sales, marketing, customer support inventory activity, etc.

Hope these tools will help you to enhance the productivity of your business.

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