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6 Key traits of Successful Leader -Entrepreneur


I would like to start this article with famous quote of Napoleon Bonaparte –“If you build army of 100 lions and their leader is dog, in any fight, the lions will die like a dog. But if you build army of 100 dogs and leader is lion, all dogs will fight like a lion.” From this quote it is quite clear that team leader should be like lion.

In real life as an entrepreneur you work hard to develop your product or service. You solve all technological or financial problems and promote your product hard to sell it. But do you think that you are doing enough as a leader. Let us check out key traits required for successful leader.

 Key Traits of successful Leader  


As a leader you must possess vision. For entrepreneur vision means futuristic goal and aspiration for business. Vision gives clear focus and direction to all team members. This will help them to perform better.


Good leader are passionate about things they do. In other words they are crazy to fulfill their target. Passion is what wakes you up early, keeps you up late, and does not make if feel like work. Passionate leader inspire team members to work towards common goal of organization.

Traveling to Unexplored Path

Good leader should be able to travel unexplored path.  Leader should be able to exit their comfort zone.  Leader must be willing to try new things and should take some risk.

Managing Failure

Leader should know how to manage failure. Good Leader should humbly accept failure with acknowledgement and when success comes, leader should simply give credit to all people who worked for it.

 Courage to Take Decision

Leader should have courage to take decision. Before taking decision leader should look at all factors. Decision taken by leader should be quick and committed. Before taking decision leader should take all team member in to confidence. Decision taken by Leader should take decision on analytic based on facts and figures.

Transparency and Integrity

Leader should be transparent and high on integrity. Leader should manage everything in transparent manner. This will create healthy atmosphere for work and generates loyalty among team member, which will lead to strong organization.

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