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6 Fear Business that can take benefit of your fear

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There are many fear business that can take benefit of your emotion and fear. I am here with the detail of 6 such fear business. You must be wondering that what is the meaning of fear business. Well, fear business is a business to earn money by adding fear in the minds of the customer. You should remain cautious about these business else you may lose your money.

To explain fear business let me give one example. Recently, I had a discussion with my friend about his eagerness to settle abroad. As his visa was not getting approved he was frustrated and he contacted a famous astrologer. The astrologer was able to establish a fear in his mind about his Kundli. Astrologer stated that for getting visa and success at abroad it is mandatory to do one Puja Vidhi for him. Astrologer also shared costing for this puja. The fear of not getting visa and success leads to an agreement of my friend for this puja. Six months are passed by, but my friend is still waiting for Visa 🙁  From this example, you must have realized that how you can lose money from the fear business. Let’s take a look at few such fear business.

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6 Fear Business that can take benefit of your fear


Astrology is on the top in the list of fear business. There are many so called astrologer that take advantage of your fear and earn a lot of money. It is very difficult to identify between genuine and fake. However, my recommendation would be to stay away from these type astrologers.

Vastu Specialist

The second fear business is Vastu. It is a business to establish fear in your mind that your house or business place is not as per Vastu. There are many examples where people spend a lot of money to correct Vastu but not got any advantages.

Life Insurance Agent

The third business of fear is life insurance. In this business insurance policy is sold to you by showing fear of your life. In this business life insurance agent literally establish fear of life by stating that, What will happen to your family after you?  I am not saying that you should not purchase Life insurance plan. You should purchase a good term plan. However, if you are sufficiently insured avoid buying endowment and other miscellaneous policies.

Health Insurance Agent

In line with life insurance, health insurance is another fear business where you will be shown fear of health and diseases. I have seen people buying multiple policies for cancer cover and other medical covers on the top of health insurance policy.  Health insurance cover is must but overdoing it to satisfy your fear will not help you.

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Education Coaching

Another fear business is education business. Fear of not clearing exams gives birth to this business. You should be careful while selecting education coaching class. It is the sector where people don’t negotiate and ready to spend money without any question.

Credit Agency

Loan company or credit agency is a fear business of loan. This business takes an advantage of fear and distress of the people. The people who are not getting loan the credit agency or loan company help them by charging commission. I would advise not to take service of credit agency as most of these companies are using illegal method for the approval of the loan.

Note – Intention of this post, is not to criticize any business the whole intention is to make yourself aware that someone should not take benefit of your fear.

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