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50+ Diwali 2020-21 Stocks pick by Leading Brokerage House

Stock Market is sparkling ahead of Diwali 2020. Sensex has already crossed lifetime high level. The portfolio which was bleeding due to COVID-19 is giving lighting returns to the investors. Investors are smiling. It seems Goddess Lakshmi (Goddess of wealth) is glad and giving a blessing of money on the Indian stock market.

Samvat 2076 was defiantly one of the bad years for the stock market. Investors suffered a lot both finance wise and health-wise. Samvat 2077 (Diwali 2020-21) seems to be a good year for stock market investors. Stock market investors should stay invested and invest more in the Indian stock market. If you are planning to invest in the stock market during Diwali. Here are 20 Diwali 2020-2021 stock picks by leading brokerage houses.

Diwali Stock Picks 2020

50+ Diwali 2020-21 Stocks Picks – Brokerage House

Brokerage House – HDFC Securities

Large Cap Stocks

#1 Bharti Airtel – Target Rs.597

#2 Cadila Health Care – Target Rs.508

#3 ICICI Bank Limited – Target Rs.503

#4 Infosys – Target Rs.1205

#5 United Spirit Ltd – Target Rs.645

Mid Cap Stocks  

#6 Almbic Pharma – Target Rs.1148

#7 Credit Access Gramen Ltd – Target Rs.797

#8 Gujarat Gas – Target Rs.356

#9 Mphasis – Target Rs.1511

#10 Radico Khaitan- Target Rs.545

Technical Picks

#11 Amara Raja Batteries – Target Rs.940

#12 CEAT – Target Rs.1425

#13 HPCL – Target Rs.223

#14 Axis Bank – Target Rs.640

Brokerage House – Kotak Securities

#1 Axis Bank – Potential Upside 11%, Target price – Rs.600

#2 Bajaj Auto – Potential Upside – 31%, Target price – Rs.3900

#3 L&T – Potential Upside – 36%, Target price – Rs.1300

#4 Ambuja Cements – Potential Upside – 19%, Target price – Rs.300

#5 ITC – Potential Upside – 50%, Target price – Rs.260

#6 Bajaj Finserv – Potential Upside – 31%, Target price – Rs.8000

#7 SBI Life Insurance – Potential Upside – 37%, Target price – Rs.1100

#8 Infosys – Potential Upside – 27%, Target price – Rs.1400

#9 HIndustan Zinc – Potential Upside – 32, Target price – Rs.295

#10 Bharati Airtel – Potential Upside – 56%, Target price – Rs.710

Brokerage House – ICICI Securities

#1 Zydus Wellness – Target Rs.2300

#2 SBI Life Insuranace – Target Rs.1000

#3 Ramco Cements- Target Rs.1000

#4 Mahindra Logistics – Target Rs.430

#5 Cipla Ltd – Target Rs.900

Brokerage House – IDBI Capital

#1 APL Apollo Tube – Target Rs.3740

#2 Alembic Pharma – Target Rs.1360

#3 Bayer CropScience – Target Rs.6850

#4 Bharti Airtel – Target Rs.620

#5 Johnson Controls – Target Rs.2970

#6 Nestle India – Target Rs.20820

#7 Supreme Industries – Target Rs.1765

Brokerage House – Yes Securities

#1 KPR Mill

#2 Manappuram Finance

#3 Redignton India

#4 Kansai Nerolac Paints

#5 Mahindra & Mahindra

#6 ICICI Bank

#7 TCI Expresss


#9 Radico Khaitan

#10 Kotak Mahindra Bank


Brokerage House – Zee Business Rocket Stocks

#1 Hero Motocorp –

#2 Westlife development

#3 Sun Pharma

#4 Shree Digvijay Cement

#5 Kotak Mahindra Bank

Diwali Stocks 2020

Should you invest in Diwali 2020 Stock Picks?

After looking at 50+ Diwali 2020 stock picks you may get confused where to invest your money. Should you invest in Diwali 2020 stock picks or invest in any other stock for your choice? Well, I am not the expert to comment on the stock suggested by stock brokers.

The experts have shared their opinion publically. Now it’s your turn to evaluate and select the best stock. Here are few pointers that will help you in making selection of right Diwali 2020 stock.

  • You should stick to better known, better governed stocks rather than spreading your portfolio among several less known stocks which are difficult to monitor.
  • Fundamental plays a key role in making selection of the stock. You should select the stock which are fundamentally strong.
  • You should look at the past performance history and financial of the company before taking any decision of investment.
  • Future of the company is utmost important while making the investment. You should look at the earning potential of the stock.
  • Diversification is key while making the investment. You should invest your money in the stock from multiple sectors. It will help in reducing the risk.
  • Don’t try to find multibaggers every now and then. Multibaggers happen; they cannot be acquired with that purpose in mind.
  • If possible, prefer SIP route or staggered route for investing in stock market. Don’t invest your money at single go.
  • Make sure to consider price and valuation of stock before buying a stock. Purchase the stock that is undervalued or lower price.
  • Don’t purchase stock blindly on tips or recommendation by stock market brokers. Many times it is seen that opinion of stock market brokers are bias or without proper analysis.

At last I would like to suggest that find out Diwali 2020 Stock Picks on your own. Stay invested for long term and you will surely earn money from the stock market.

Happy Healthy & Safe Diwali to all the readers 🙂

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(The views content and recommendations expressed in this post are of  leading stock market experts and do not represent those of Please consult your financial adviser before taking any position in the stocks mentioned)

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