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5 New Innovative Business Ideas

innovative business ideas

Innovation always helps to get success in the business. If you are looking for innovative business ideas, you are the right place. In this post, I will share new innovative business ideas. All these business ideas are based on real life success. These innovative business ideas will surely inspire you to setup your own business. All these business ideas are an outcome of out of the box creative thinking.

So let’s take a look at 5 New Innovative online business ideas.

5 New Innovative Business Ideas

Transportation based innovative business ideas

The first new innovative business idea is based on transportation. You can plan to start your own online cargo transportation services. The business model of this type of business is very simple. You need to tie up with transport service provider based on commission. Once it is done provide an online platform for capturing cargo shipment requirement. Based on cargo type and weight you need to send quotation and provide services.

Truckola is an example of an online Cargo Transportation Company. You can also call it as an aggregator that collects the requirement from the client and fulfill services by arranging transportation with the help of transportation service provider.  Another such example is Truck Bhada. Truck Bhada works with truck owner, transporter and load provider.

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Go Green based Innovative business ideas

The next set of business ideas is from go green initiative. You can plan to start your own business related to go green. This idea will be towards sustainable future. You can either plan to provide go green services or you can sell product related to go green.

Griin is in the business of making vertical garden. It is pune based firm and offers gardening services to the customers.

Envigreen is next example of go green business. Envigreen is in the business of manufacturing biodegradable bags. These bags are an environment-friendly substitute of plastic bags.

Automation based innovative business ideas

The next business ideas are from automation industry. You can think of providing an IoT-based smart home solution or security solution. However, this type of business requires a lot of expertise and technical knowledge.

Silvan Innovation Lab is in the business of automation. They provide products like integrated property service management, Home Automation, Smart security solution etc.

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Finance based innovative business ideas

You can plan to start your online aggregator finance platform based on artificial intelligence. This platform will be used to connect fund seeker and fund provider based on the algorithm. It is a complex logic and you will require experts for the same. You need to identify fund providers like banks or other organization and tie up with them based on commission. Arrange loan for fund seeker and enjoy commission from fund providers.

Loanadda is an example of such service provider. Loanadda will help you to get a home loan, business loan, personal loan or any other type of finance easily. This platform makes sure that you get the right deal for your requirement.

So what are you waiting for? Think of some innovative idea like above and start making money.

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