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5 Innovative Startup Business Ideas

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Startup Business Ideas – India is going towards startup boom. We see many young and dynamic people are establishing new startup on a daily basis. Every new entrepreneur is keen to become a successful business tycoon. As we know there is no shortcut to success, but new innovative startup business ideas surely help in becoming successful. So here is list of 5 Innovative Startup business ideas that helped their founders earn lakhs and crores. Theses startup business ideas are low investment established by young entrepreneurs.

5 Innovative Startup Business Ideas


FITPASS is innovative startup that helps you stay healthy. You can download fitpass app and subscribe with nominal fee of Rs.999 that gives you flexibility to workout anywhere, anytime across 1500+ gyms and fitness studio in Delhi NCR. Once you are registered you can also enjoy fitness and diet tips. This startup is established by Akshay Verma and Ayushi Verma. The main objective of this startup is to break barrier to fitness – price, fixed schedule and boring routine.

I Say Organic

The second Innovative startup business idea is related to Organic Food. I Say Organic is online organic food store that deliver organic food to your door step within a day. This startup business was founded by Ashmeet Kapoor. I Say Organic address the growing demands and challenges in the organic food industry in India. The business model of company is simple. The organic food is sourced from farmer and sold to customer with addition of profit.

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If you are thinking of starting new business you can think of exploring growing demand of organic food industry.

The Bohri Kitchen

The Bohri Kitchen is innovative startup idea of inviting friends and customer to a place where they will be served with homemade specialized food. The idea of The Bohri Kitchen is founded by Mr.Munaf Kapadia. TBK offered home dining experience by inviting maximum 25 people. TBK also offers home delivery services. If you are thinking of starting food based startup you can try out theme based concept like The Bohri Kitchen.


Krya is another innovative startup business that works on eliminating toxic substance from home. Krya offers products like detergent, dish-wash, mosquito repellents, hair and body powder. All products are ayurvedic and chemical free. This startup is founded by Preethi & Srinivas. Inspiring from this startup you can think of establishing business of your own ayurvedic products.

Hashtag Marketing

Hashtag Marketing is Integrated Marketing and Communication Company. Hashtag marketing provides services such as brand management, digital marketing, event management, content creation and research consulting. Hashtag marketing is started by Mr.Yuvraj Virk.

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In today’s internet era online presence is must, if you can help business in digital marketing you can think of starting your own startup based on online marketing.

Over to You –

I am sure that these startup business ideas will give an extra dimension to your thought on startup business idea.

Which business idea you prefer for your startup?

Do share your experience and startup business ideas in the comment section.

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