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5 Best Travel Insurance in India

travel insurance in India

Travel Insurance is least known terms in India. Many people don’t know about travel insurance in India. They generally avoid it. However, during an unfrozen event at abroad, they search for the help. In this post, I will cover travel insurance in detail. A travel insurance policy will assist you in taking care of unexpected event during a journey. Travel Insurance Policy help you in a situation like theft of language, loss of valuable, financial losses due to a delayed flight and much more. Travel insurance can be easily purchased online with a click of a button. Purchase travel insurance and travel tension free around the world. Take a look at key features of Travel insurance that can help you during emergency situation overseas.

Key Features of Travel Insurance

Cover Medical Emergencies

A travel insurance covers all types of medical emergencies. Imagine being stuck with your family in a foreign land with such situation. Travel insurance takes care of all such medical expenses abroad up to insurance limit. Some travel insurance also takes care of OPD expenses.

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Loss of checked baggage and loss of passport

Imagine you land up in the situation where you lost your baggage or passport in transit. It will be a nightmare. You will be totally confused what to do in such situation. Travel insurance can come to rescue you in such tensed situation.

Cover against Personal Accident

Travel insurance also provides coverage for a personal accident. You will be covered against injury or death by this insurance.

Flight delay or Trip Cancellation

Imagine a situation where your flight is delayed or trip is canceled and you end up making financial losses. Travel insurance also covers you with financial losses due to flight delay or trip cancellation.

Theft of language

Any type of language loss or theft during your travel is covered by this policy. You will be reimbursed with the amount equivalent to language.

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Legal Liability & Expense

This policy also covers any legal liabilities and corresponding legal expense during travel.

Best Travel Insurance In India

Based on several parameters best travel insurance in India is given below.

SBI Travel Insurance

SBI Travel Insurance is first on the list of best travel insurance in India. This plan is available up to 70 years of age. A medical checkup is not required before purchasing this plan. The maximum medical coverage limit of this plan is $50000. This plan provides accidental coverage up to 10% of coverage limit. This policy also covers loss of passport, baggage, and covers against hijack. However, this plan does not cover any injuries arising from adventurous activities like mountain climbing, car racing or professional sport.

Tata AIG Travel Insurance

Tata AIG is the second policy in the list. Tata AIG policy can be taken up to 70 years of age. This policy covers accidental & medical expenses, checked baggage loss, loss of passport, personal liability, flight delay, accidental death and dental expenses. This policy does not cover claim arising from a war or life-threatening sports.

Bajaj Allianz Travel Insurance

There are multiple types of Bajaj Allianz Travel Insurance policies like individual travel insurance, family travel insurance, senior citizen travel and student travel insurance. One unique feature of this policy is it provides you emergency cash during a foreign visit.

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HDFC ERGO Travel Insurance

HDFC ERGO is next in the list. HDFC ERGO Travel insurance covers medical expense, personal accident, flight delay and other emergencies. A unique feature of this plan is it provides emergency cash facility.

Bharti AXA Travel Insurance

Bharti AXA Travel Insurance is next choice. This plan is available from 3 months to 60 years of age. This plan is available for individual as well as family. This plan does not cover any injuries arising from fatal sports activities. Any pre-existing medical conditions are excluded in this plan.

Important Points to consider before buying at Travel Insurance Policy

Invest Time – You invest a lot of time in selecting a destination for travel. Similar to that you need to invest considerable time in order to find out best travel insurance policy.

Evaluate – Make sure to evaluate all available travel insurance policy before reaching to any conclusion.

Health Checkup – There are many policies that keep the condition of undergoing a health checkup. Kindly consider time and money required for undergoing a health checkup.

Analyze the Activities – There are many policies that do not cover the risk associated with adventurous/risky activities that you are likely to do during your travel.

Type of Plan –  The liability of plan ends with end of your travel. If you are frequent traveler it is recommended to take annual travel insurance policy.

Over to you –

If you are visiting an unknown country for the first time it is always advisable to buy travel insurance.

Do you purchase Travel Insurance Policy when you travel outside?

Which one is best travel insurance in India as per you?

Do share your experience and feedback in the comment section.

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