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30 Stocks 100% return in two years – Double Your Money

A financial instrument generally takes a time to double your money. However, the stock market can double your money in the shorter period of time (provided you invest in the right stock at a right time). That is the reason that stock market is considered as one of the best investment options.

Sensex has touched a level of 30,000 in March 2015. After two years Sensex regains 30,000 level in April 2017. In these two years, many investors could double their money. Not only that few penny stocks of 2015 like Medicamen Biotech, Fiberweb India, and Union Quality Plastic have generated splendid returns for the investors.

On detail analysis of multiple stocks, I could able to list down 30 good stocks that have doubled investor money in last two years. Out of these 15 stocks has given 100% CAGR returns to investors in last two years.

30 Stocks 100% return in two years – Double Your Money


Nilkamal is one of the top manufacturers of home and office furniture. A company also own chain of a retail store under @home brand. A historical performance of this stock is very good. In last one year, this stock has nearly doubled investor money. In last two years, Nilkamal has generated CAGR return of 130%.

Jubilant Life

Jubilant Life Science is in the business of pharma. Jubilant Life has very good domestic and international presence. Historically this stock has given very good returns to the investors. This stock has doubled investor money in last one year (2016-2017). In last two years, Jubilant life has generated 125% CAGR return.

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Chennai Petroleum

Chennai Petroleum is integrated refinery producing fuel products, lubricants, and additives. It is Indian oil group of company. Chennai Petroleum has also doubled investors’ money in last one year (2016-17). CAGR return of this stock in last two years is 125%. Chennai Petroleum is expected to perform better in future.

Gayatri Projects

Gayatri Projects is diversified group dealing in infrastructure, power, hospitality and real estate sector. The business prospect of this company is good. A company is sitting on the healthy order book. A stock performance history of Gayatri Projects is very good.

Dalmia Bharat  

Dalmia Bharat is diversified company dealing in cement, sugar and power segment. Dalmia Bharat has given exceptional performance last year (2016-17). A stock could triple the investment in last one year. CAGR return of Dalmia Bharat in last two years is 110%.

In addition to above, Himatsingka Seide, Aegis Logistics, Can Fin Homes, Dishman Pharma, Escorts, Minda Industries, Kwality limited, Gujarat Heavy Chemicals, Rajesh Exports, and Trident has also doubled investor money in last two years.

double your money

One Stock – 100% return in one week

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Transwarranty Finance

Transwarranty Finance is in finance and investment business. The stock of Transwarranty Finance has doubled investor money in short span of one week. The stock value of Transwarranty Finance was Rs.10 on 25th April 2017 and stock has touched the price of Rs.21 on 5th May 2017. However, fundamental of this stock is questionable.

Although stocks mentioned above were able to double the investor money in a shorter period of time, it is not guaranteed that these stock will double your money again in near future.

Where should investor Invest now?

Most of the stocks mentioned above are midcap stocks. Going forward midcap stocks are likely to perform well. If you are a long-term investor you should invest in blue chip stock or mid-cap stocks with good fundamental and future growth. You can invest in a stock like Atlanta, Gujarat Pipavav, Titagarh Wagons, Force Motors, Bajaj Finance.

These stocks may not double your money in a shorter span, however, it is expected that these stock will generate very good positive returns for the investor in future.

What is your take on these stock?

Where are you investing your money?

Do you hold any of the stock mentioned above?

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