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3 Proven Ways to earn High Income

Everyone should have financial confidence in life. Having Financial Confidence, the ability to earn money under any conditions, so we never have to worry about money again—is the goal.

But, how to achieve financial confidence? The way to achieve financial confidence is by working on an income circle and generating high income.

If you are wondering how to generate high income. Here are three different ways to earn a high income – High-Income Job, High-Income Profession, and High-Income Skills. What’s the difference?

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3 Proven Ways to earn High-Income


A high-income job is company-dependent. The perfect example is climbing up the corporate ladder.  Becoming CEO or Director of a company starting from Engineer or GET.

You work hard and eventually move up to middle management or executive position and gradually top position.

However, there is one catch—what if your boss decides to fire you?

Would you be able to take that same income to another company?

Possibly, but it’s not guaranteed. Would the position and status you had in one company be transferred over to the next?

Again, possible—but not guaranteed.

What if the company decides to implement “corporate restructuring”?

What would you do then?

Would your company knowledge be transferable to your job?

When you are at a high-income job, your income is determined by the company.

They can promote you or they can even demote you, or fire you, but it’s mostly outside of your control. Corporate politics play a big role in it and you have to be a leader in corporate politics.

But for most of people not possible to play corporate politics.

That means you’re mostly a High-Income Slave.


A high-income profession is industry-dependent. This profession is usually credentials based, meaning the more letters you have in front of or behind your name, the more you get paid. These professions belong to self-employed.

These are the doctors, lawyers, accountants, realtors, and dentists who study and work hard for six to eight years to get their education and degree.

However, the drawback of having a high-income profession is in its definition—it’s industry dependent.

Can a child specialist doctor become a dentist all of a sudden?

Do you think person who has done physiotherapy can become neurologist?

No not possible!

Would you want someone who works with child problems to fix your teeth?

Probably not. If you’re a real estate person and suddenly the market starts going into a downturn (as it always does in the economic cycle), what do you do?

You’re as good of a real estate person before, but what changed? Nothing—except the market and the economy.

None of which are within your control. When that happens, you have to work way harder to maintain your current income.

On top of all that, many High-Income Professions are location-dependent.

If you are a dentist, Realtor, lawyer, or any profession, you usually operate out of your office, and your clients/patients are generally local.

Let’s face it: if you’re a dentist, not many people are going to drive thirty miles to see you, no matter how good you are. That’s why I teach High-Income Skill development.


High-Income Skills are limitless. A High-Income Skill gives you the most freedom because what you are worth is only capped by how much value you can bring to the marketplace.

It is not company-dependent because you can go to another client who will want your service. It is not industry-dependent because a High-Income Skill works across all industries.

It’s not location-dependent because a High-Income Skill does not require your physical presence as long as you can deliver value to your customers. With the advancements in technology, it’s easier than ever to work from home, a coffee shop, or anywhere you’d like.

Once you acquire your High-Income Skill, you’ll be able to start living your life with real financial confidence.

If you want to learn more about high-income skills you can join my live webinar or send me an e-mail on sk@moneyexcel.com

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Shitanshu Kapadia
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