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3 Proven Steps to Create the Best Ad or Sales Copy

Do you want to create your sales copy compelling? In this post, I am going to teach you how you can do that using 3 simple and proven steps.

So, every time you want to create your sales copy make sure to read this post and I promise you that you will get very good sales conversion.

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3 Proven Steps to Create the Best Ad or Sales Copy

#1 Identify your ideal customer

This is the most important part before you start copywriting or sales copy. You need to first truly understand your ideal customers.  

The way to find ideal customers is easy. You need to see three things –

  • Your ideal customer should have an actual need for your product or service.
  • They should have the ability to buy your product or service.
  • They should have the authority to buy your product or service.

Once you know who your ideal customer is you can start targeting more through variations and reference points. This includes stuff like Facebook groups, WhatsApp groups, other communities, demographics, psychographics, etc. 

When you have your exact target market now you go and talk to them in your copy 1:1. Remember good copy is 80% research and 20 % writing.

If you’re going to spend a month working on your copy or campaign you should spend at least two to three weeks just researching before you write a single word you need to have a very clear idea of exactly what your offer is before even starting the copywriting process.

The amount of money you make is in direct proportion to how well you understand your customers.

One of the main reasons why businesses fail is that entrepreneurs or business owners that get excited about an idea or invention take it to the marketplace where there is no actual need for it.

They fail to realize that nobody would actually, care for their product or service. This is because they don’t understand their ideal customer.

Remember that not everybody can be your ideal customer even big companies serve different demographics. Small or medium-sized businesses need to narrow down their target audience so that the message can be more personalized.   

So, research, know and identify who are your ideal customers.

#2 Create an irresistible offer

Offer is one of the most important steps in the entire sale. You need to create an irresistible offer that no one can ignore. The biggest challenge lately is that most businesses sound exactly like everybody else. Their differentiators are typically based on being cheaper or better than their competitors. These offers are not very compelling. You have to think about how you can make your offer as irresistible as possible.

The market is more important than the message. When it comes to the offer you have to think about what it is that your audience truly wants. What they are craving? or What frustrations they have? or find out what they are sick and tired of. 

So when you can come out with an offer that’s so irresistible it is easy to sell with a great offer you can say less and it will still sell. 

You don’t need to use as many words. The offer should be a no-brainer. It should show enhance values that anyone can buy it easily.  

In short, make your offer irresistible. If you’re selling physical products there are many ways to make a compelling offer such as a 30 free-day trial a strong guarantee, faster shipping, or bonuses.

In short, act on the emotional brain and not a logical brain. 

#3 List every single feature & Benefit of the offer

List every single possible thing that your customers would get and would benefit from your product or services.

The easiest way to do this is to first create that long list of features and then ask yourself the question. So what comes up with the benefits you can then refer to this list for potential benefits. 

Driven statement in the form of a bullet point or a headline. It’s very limited if you only have five to work from you want to have up to on your list so brainstorm from all kinds of angles and think about any possible user and customer that can benefit from your offer in different ways.

Here’s a general example of a pc fast processor for gaming backlit led keyboard for nighttime use power management for energy efficiency since your prospects might be looking for different features and would value different things from each other. You need to list them all out to cover as much as possible by going through this exercise you already have a deeper understanding of your offer.

Once you have the feature and the benefits you can go deeper by exploring the concept called the “benefit behind the benefit”. It refers to that one thing or emotion that you can trigger when your customers buy a specific product or service.

Think about what it is that you’re selling for example look at this pizza company’s tagline what business are they in what are they selling? You might think they are in the pizza business but notice the first two words “Fresh and Hot” they’re not just promising a fresh and hot pizza they’re selling speed of delivery so they are actually in the business of speed.

Over to you

I hope the given 3 Proven Steps to Create the Best Ad or Sales Copy will help you in creating your own sales copy. Remember to read this post multiple times to get better insight and to prepare the Best Ad for your business. 

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