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20 Small Manufacturing Business Ideas Under Rs. 10 Lakhs

In this article, we present 20 lucrative small manufacturing business ideas that can be started with an investment of under Rs. 10 Lakhs. These ideas cater to a diverse range of industries and have the potential to be successful ventures with the right planning and execution.

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20 Small Manufacturing Business Ideas Under Rs. 10 Lakhs

#1 Customized Jewelry Manufacturing

The demand for personalized jewelry is on the rise, and setting up a customized jewelry manufacturing business can be a profitable endeavor. With skilled artisans and creative designs, we can cater to the unique preferences of customers and create exquisite pieces that resonate with their individual style.

#2 Organic Skincare Product Line

In today’s health-conscious world, there is a growing demand for organic skincare products. By offering a line of chemical-free and natural skincare products, we can tap into this market and build a brand that promotes wellness and sustainability.

#3 Handmade Furniture Production

Handmade furniture has a charm of its own and appeals to customers who appreciate craftsmanship and uniqueness. By combining traditional woodworking techniques with modern designs, we can produce high-quality furniture pieces that stand out in the market.

#4 Eco-Friendly Packaging Solutions

With the increasing focus on environmental conservation, businesses are seeking eco-friendly packaging options. Establishing a manufacturing unit that produces sustainable and biodegradable packaging materials can gain traction in this eco-conscious market.

#5 Gourmet Snack Manufacturing

The food industry is always open to innovation, and gourmet snacks are gaining popularity among consumers. By experimenting with unique flavors and premium ingredients, we can create a range of delectable snacks that cater to the refined tastes of our target audience.

#6 Smartphone Accessories Production

As smartphones become an integral part of our lives, the demand for stylish and functional accessories is also growing. Manufacturing trendy and innovative smartphone cases, chargers, and other accessories can be a lucrative business venture.

#7 Pet Products Manufacturing

The pet care industry is thriving, and pet owners are willing to spend on high-quality products for their furry friends. Producing pet toys, grooming products, or organic pet food can tap into this pet-loving market.

#8 Customized Gift Items

People love to give and receive personalized gifts for special occasions. By offering a range of customizable gift items, we can cater to the sentimentality of customers and create a brand that stands for thoughtfulness and warmth.

#9 Health and Fitness Equipment Production

With the rising focus on health and fitness, there is a growing demand for home gym equipment and fitness accessories. Manufacturing durable and innovative fitness products can capitalize on this health-conscious trend.

#10 Artisanal Soap and Candle Making

Handmade soaps and candles have a niche market that appreciates natural ingredients and unique fragrances. Setting up a small-scale soap and candle manufacturing unit can yield good returns with the right marketing strategies.

#11 Biodegradable Cutlery Manufacturing

As awareness of plastic pollution grows, there is a need for biodegradable alternatives to conventional plastic cutlery. Starting a manufacturing business for biodegradable cutlery can target eco-friendly restaurants and event organizers.

#12 Designer Pottery Production

The art of pottery never goes out of style, and designer pottery pieces are highly sought after in the market. By combining traditional pottery techniques with contemporary designs, we can produce artistic pottery pieces that find a place in modern homes.

#13 Recycled Paper Products

Promoting sustainability, a business that manufactures products from recycled paper can appeal to environmentally conscious consumers. From stationery to packaging materials, the possibilities are vast in this eco-friendly venture.

#14 Bespoke Clothing Manufacturing

Bespoke clothing has a special place in the fashion industry, as it offers tailor-made garments with a perfect fit. Establishing a small-scale bespoke clothing manufacturing unit can cater to customers looking for personalized fashion experiences.

#15 Herbal Tea Blending

Herbal teas are gaining popularity as people seek natural and healthy beverage alternatives. By blending and packaging a variety of herbal teas, we can cater to health-conscious consumers who appreciate the therapeutic benefits of herbal infusions.

#16 Personal Safety Equipment

With a focus on safety and protection, manufacturing personal safety equipment such as face masks, safety goggles, or protective gear can be a relevant business opportunity, especially in times of health crises.

#17 Ethnic Handicrafts

The charm of ethnic handicrafts attracts both domestic and international buyers. By collaborating with skilled artisans, we can manufacture and promote traditional handicrafts that showcase the rich cultural heritage of our region.

#18 Natural Dye Production

With the growing preference for eco-friendly and sustainable fashion, natural dyes have gained attention in the textile industry. Starting a natural dye production business can cater to the demands of environmentally conscious textile manufacturers.

#19 Artificial Intelligence-based Gadgets

Integrating technology with daily life, AI-based gadgets have a growing market. Manufacturing innovative gadgets that harness the power of artificial intelligence can captivate tech-savvy consumers.

#20 Green Energy Products

As the world shifts towards renewable energy, manufacturing green energy products like solar chargers, energy-efficient appliances, or LED lighting solutions can be a forward-thinking and environmentally responsible venture.


In conclusion, venturing into any of these small manufacturing business ideas can be a promising endeavor. By offering unique products, emphasizing quality, and implementing effective marketing strategies, we can position our business to outrank competitors and establish a strong online presence. Success in the competitive market will come with dedication, creativity, and a customer-centric approach. Let us embark on this exciting journey and make our mark in the world of small manufacturing businesses!

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