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10 work from home business ideas

Work from home business ideas – Work from home – WFH is no longer a buzz word. It is a reality now. Many people across the globe are working online. The barrier of remote working and distance is crossed now. Thanks to technology and applications such as Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, and Zoom that enabled work from home.

Work from home culture has many benefits. You can make use of your home space as office space. You can save money and time on commuting. You can maintain a good work life balance. It also improves productivity. As per the latest survey in USA, it is estimated that the remote workforce will double in 2021 due to drastic productivity improvement.

The connected world and technology have also introduced a new opportunity in front of business-minded people – Work From Home Business.

work from home business ideas

Yes! you can also start a business from home and make a lot of money.

If you are planning to start a home-based business, here is a list of 10 low-cost work from home business ideas. Some of them required a separate room and mini-warehouse to operate from home. Whereas others can run completely online by using very minimal space.

10 work from home business ideas

#1 Selling homemade products online

Selling homemade products online is one of the best work from home business ideas. If you can make things at home, you can turn your hobby into reality. The homemade stuff that can be sold online are candles, toys, art crafts, apparels, decoration items, customized gifts, small jewelry.  You can store these items and sell them from your home. The items made by you should be cost-effective. You can either use WhatsApp & Facebook to sell your items or you can use online stores such as Etsy, eBay, Amazon, etc.

 #2 Buying product in bulk and selling it online

One of the simplest forms of business is buying products in bulk and selling them online. You need to make a list of unique products which can be stored & shipped easily and in demand. Household products and FMCG products usually remain in demand. You can buy these products from a wholesaler and sell it online as a retailer.

#3 Offer Online Freelancing services

The freelancing services usually remain in demand. If you are computer savvy and skilled person you can become a freelancer. There are multiple freelance career options available online. Examples of freelance services are content writing, website designing, programming, virtual assistance, graphic designing, translator services etc. The website where you can offer your services are Fiverr and InboxDollars.

#4 Online Tuition Class

One of the most promising and best work from business ideas is an online tuition class. If you are a subject matter expert, you can become a teacher and start home tutoring. You need to make use of a tool such as zoom, teams or google meet for teaching. It is low-cost business ideas with good earning opportunity.

#5 Online E-commerce Store

You can easily create your online e-commerce store. There are many online site which allows you to create your own digital store. One such example is Shopify. You can make your e-commerce site and sell goods online to your customers. You are required to integrate an online payment gateway with your store. Another alternative is to become a selling partner at eBay, Amazon, Flipkart on a commission basis.

#6 Design and sell things online  

Designing and selling things online is next on the list. If you have designing skills, you can create your own design. The design could be customized and pasted on t-shirts, caps, masks, mugs, blankets, phone cases and gift products. These businesses can be started with low investment.

#7 Start An Organic Farm at Rooftop

The usage of organic food is growing. People have become more health-conscious, and aware of the environmental impact of food production, and they are ready to spend money on organic food. You can create an organic farm on your rooftop and grow organic fruit, vegetables, etc. The grown fruits and vegetables can then be sold in the local market or online; if you’re really enterprising, you could even look into how to get your food in stores so that it can be purchased by an even greater amount of people.

#8 Online Yoga Classes

The certified Yoga teacher can start online yoga classes. It is no investment business idea. The craze of Yoga is growing. You just need a separate room, Internet and laptop to start yoga classes. This is one of the best home-based business ideas for women in India.

#9 Start Tiffin Services

Starting tiffin services is an idea for a good cook. You just need one cooking assistance and delivery boy to start this business. Initially, you may face issue in getting orders but once your business is established you can earn a lot of money.

#10 Become YouTuber

Becoming a YouTuber is next in the list. As a YouTuber you need to create unique videos and post it on your channel. You may need high definition camera and video making software. As a YouTuber you can earn money from paid subscriptions and advertisements.


In this post, I have discussed about work from home business ideas and I am sure that you must have liked at least a few of them. Find a business idea that work for you and get started.

If you need any help for starting business feel free to post your query in the comment section given below.

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