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10 Most Profitable Business Ideas

Profitable Business Ideas

Profitable Small Business Ideas –  Today many young and dynamic people are looking for small profitable business ideas. They want to become their own boss by starting their own business. They are looking for low-cost high-profit business ideas. In order to help them, I am here with 10 most profitable small business ideas for 2016. If you are a new business entrepreneur and looking for good money making opportunities these ideas for you. These small business ideas are evergreen and directly related to public demand.

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10 Most Profitable Business Ideas 

1. Restaurant Business

The restaurant business is one of the best and most profitable cash business ideas. Healthy and tasty food is a need for everyone. If you love serving tasty and healthy food this idea is for you. You can expect decent profit margin up to 25% from this business. If you have less capital you can think of starting food on a wheel.

Why is Restaurant Business Profitable Business Idea?

People are living fast and lavish lifestyle today. They don’t have even time to cook food at home. They are willing to spend more money for eating healthy and tasty food. A demand for food is never going to go down this is the prime reason why restaurant business is profitable and most successful business idea today.

2. Catering Business

The second profitable business idea is also from food industry – Catering. You can start your own catering business. In order to start catering business, you require very less capital. However, you need very good team including cook for starting this business. You can expect a profit margin of 30% from this business.

Why is Catering Business Profitable Business Idea?

Be it marriage, birthday or any other event serving food is a must. One needs to grace relative or friends with good food. No one spend time and money for making food, they hire good catering service by paying money this is the prime reason why catering business is successful and profitable business idea.

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3. Readymade Namkeen Breakfast Shop

Opening own readymade namkeen nasta shop is indeed the very good profitable business idea. You can start this business with very low investment. In this idea also, you need a very good cook to make nasta. You can expect 20-25% profit from this business.

Why is Readymade Namkeen Breakfast Shop Profitable Business Idea?

Today 40 out of 100 women are working woman and they don’t have enough time to make breakfast at home. They are ready to spend money for readymade namkeen and breakfast. This makes this idea successful and profitable business idea.

4. Real Estate Dealer

Real estate sector is down nowadays but upcoming smart city project and infrastructure boom will defiantly give a boost to this sector. If you are planning to start a business with small investment this business is ideal for you. In this business you can get only 1% commission for every deal, however if you deal in high-value projects this profit margin money will be very high.

Why is Real Estate dealership Profitable Business Idea?

The requirement of shelter for a living will never go down. It is a basic requirement of human being. This justification is enough for making this business idea successful and profitable.

5. Game or Entertainment Parlor

The game parlor is a good profitable business idea. You need to make a small investment to open game parlor. After reaching breakeven, you can expect a profit margin of 20-25% from this business.

Location matters for this business you need posh area or shopping mall for opening this parlor. If you are willing to invest more capital you can open theme based game parlor like SVM Bowling & Gaming and Funky Monkey.

Why is Game or Entertainment Parlor Profitable Business Idea?

Life is stressful today and people look for good entertainment options to relieve this stress. They are ready to spend a lot of money on entertainment. This makes this idea successful and profitable.

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6. Education or Skill Club

Education is an evergreen field. You can open tuition class or skill club. You need special knowledge in the field where you are planning to start this. You can expect a profit margin of 50% from this business.

You can specialize classes like IELTS, foreign language class or hobby based classes.

Why Education or Skill Club is Profitable Business Idea?

Everyone wants to upgrade their proficiency today. They are willing to spend a lot of money on it. This makes Education or Skill club successful profitable business idea.

7. Mobile Sale & Repair

Growing usage of the smartphone is known to everyone. You can take advantage of this by opening your own mobile sale and repair shop. You need to invest money in opening mobile sale and repair shop. You can expect a profit margin of 5-10% from this business.

Why is Mobile Sale & Repair Shop Profitable Business Idea?

Today mobile phones are available in the vast range. Keeping a high-value phone and changing smartphone frequently is status symbol today. People are ready to spend money for the latest smartphone this makes mobile sale shop good profitable business idea.

8. Recruitment Firm

You can start your own recruitment firm and help others to get a good job. Starting own recruitment firm is low investment business. You can expect 30-40% profit from this business.

Why is Recruitment Firm Profitable Business Idea?

Fresher or lateral everyone looks or good job. It is an evergreen business. Candidates are willing to pay higher fees or first salary to recruitment firm for a good job. This makes this idea successful profitable business idea.

9. Health Club

The health club is next profitable evergreen business idea. You need to invest money in order to open a health club. Locality matters a lot for the success of health club. After break even you can expect 20-30% profit from this business.

Why is Health Club Profitable Business Idea?

People are health conscious today. They know that Health is wealth and to maintain good health they are willing to pay money. For many people joining health club is like status icon and this make health club profitable and successful business idea.

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10. Advertising Agency

Good Advertisement Company is like a gold mine and you can earn decent profit margin from it. You can earn money by advertisement trading or by making advertisements. There are different forms of advertising starting from online to offline. You need to do a lot of hard work to establish advertising agency.

Why is Advertising Agency Profitable Business Idea?

Proper advertisement plays a crucial role in increasing sale of any product. It is helpful for business to launch a new product and also retained their products.

Over to You

All ideas mentioned above are proven & most successful business ideas. However, please remember Success of these business ideas depends on hard work and dedication.

Please share your views & business ideas in comment section given below.

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Profitable Business Ideas

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