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10 Must Read Jokes on Finance


We have discussed many things on our blog today it is time to spread some humor so we are herewith 10 must read jokes on finance.

Jokes on Inflation:-

Joke -1 

For the first time in the history of mankind “Need”, “Comfort” and “Luxury” are sold at same price in India.

Onion – Rs. 75/-

Petrol – Rs. 75/-

Beer –Rs. 75/-

Joke -2

Oh my GOD

  • G for Gold
  • O for Onion
  • D for Dollar

Joke -3

As onion price are increasing soon Mannapurram will launch Mannapurram Onion Loan..

Slogan will be “Mannapurram Onion Loan” Jab Ghar me pada ho Kanda fir kaheka wandha

Joke -4

A Kid to God:

Dollar Increased to Rs. 62.. Petrol to Rs. 75 Milk to Rs.50..and Onion to Rs.75 again….

Thank God, Passing marks are still 35. 🙂

Joke- 5

1 Dollar  = 62 Rs/-

1 Euro = 85 Rs/-

Looks like DOLLAR and EURO are taking revenge on India for naming underwear brands on their names 🙂

Joke -6

Do you know why there is no underwear brand with name of Rupee………  Kyonke…..

Pata Nahi Kab Gir Jaaye….:)

Joke -7

Petrol Loans Available Here

petrol loan

petrol loan

Jokes on Current Economic Condition:-

Joke -8

Finance minister doesn’t know what went wrong with Rupee!

Agriculture minister doesn’t know what went wrong with Onion!

External Affair minister doesn’t know what went wrong in submarine !

Prime Minister doesn’t know what went wrong with all of above..!  J

On tax

Joke -9

After a man pays his income tax, he knows how a cow feels after she’s been milked.


In India everything we have is taxed – even our patience.

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Shitanshu Kapadia
Shitanshu Kapadia
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