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10 High Income Skills 2024

Go to school get good grades and get a degree or get a diploma and you will be successful in your life. 

I think you have heard this story before and probably you have already recognized that a dead dog doesn’t hunt right you also recognize that things have changed having a degree having a certificate and having a diploma is probably not going to get you to where you want to go. 

If that’s the case why are so many students who graduate they’re struggling to pay off just a student loan why they are not getting a good job??

I truly believe that we have shifted from a job economy to now what I call the skill economy it is not the degree that pays the bills it is the high-income skill that pays the bills so today I want to share with you 10 high-income skills that I believe that will help you to become rich and successful. 

It is not easy to learn these skills but if you learn these skills believe me it will pay off forever.

Now, in case you don’t know what a high-income skill is I define high-income skill as a skill that you could develop in a short period that will make you a minimum of $5000 a month. Basically, seven figures a year without a degree.

That’s how I define high-income skills. Now notice, I did not say a high-income job.

I’m not talking about a high-income job. I’m talking about a particular skill set that you can bring value to the marketplace in exchange for money.

So let me share with you 10 High Income Skills. 

High Income Skills 2024

High Income Skills 2024

#1 AI & Machine Learning 

AI & Machine Learning are Top High Income Skills nowadays. The Market of AI is growing exponentially. If you develop AI & machine learning skills you can make a decent income.

Now, why this skill is this a valuable? Why it is a high-income skill? Because we live in an AI and Digital era. Companies are spending a lot of money on AI, machine learning, and automation. Learning these skills gives you an edge over others. 

#2 Closing Skill 

Closing is the ability to convince or to persuade someone in person or on the phone to buy from you it is very very simple.

Now the challenge is most people have a negative association with the word sales. They think sells is such a bad thing it’s if there are a lot of negative feelings towards sales or closing but in life, if you don’t know how to communicate if you don’t know how to articulate your own value well it’s very very difficult for you to get anything or to get ahead in life and closing it’s not taught in school there’s no closing now when it comes to closing the key is I would recommend don’t just close for low ticket items

something that’s a thousand or two thousand rupee to be successful to earn more money you should focus on high ticket closing something for fifty thousand or lakhs of rupee because your commission from there will be much greater compared to you which is closing a low ticket item.

#3 Consulting Skill

Consulting skills is a very good high-income skill because of the complexities because there are so many changes that are happening in the business world companies need help they need guidance they need advice need consultants.

I’m talking about social media consultants it could be management consultants it could be leadership consultants it could be sales consultants it could be technical consultants there are so many areas a business needs consultants so consulting is a very very valuable skill to develop the great thing about being a consultant is you don’t need a lot of money to make a great living if you’re charging a retainer meaning you’re charging a monthly fee to consult with a client and if you are high ticket you only need in some cases a couple of clients to make a solid seven-figure income so consulting is one of those very very valuable skills that you want to look into in this skill economy 

#4 Coding or Software skill

Now with so many tech companies with so many apps, the marketplace is hungry, hungry for good coders good people with good coding skills I mean I spend several thousands of rupees on coders and software developers for my company and we’re always looking for good people so coding now when it comes to coding is it better if you start early to learn how to code if you are in middle or old age it’s not so easy but for young people, it is an area that will always be demanding and always pays money.

#5 Cyber Security 

Cyber security or Information security is a high-income skill. Most companies online and offline hire information security specialists.

The specialist can help companies to defend against threats, data leakage, and cyber-attacks. 

The usage of the internet is growing and it poses a high-security risk. Every day we keep on hearing incidents about of hacking and cyber-attacks. 

It is not easy to become a cyber security professional but I am 100% sure that cyber security is an extremely valuable skill that can get you a very good income year on year. 

#6 Funnel Building Skill

I am not talking about building a typical website. I am talking about building a sales funnel. It could be a webinar funnel it could be a landing page it could be a lead magnet funnel all these terms if you understand that’s okay but there’s a huge market out there for people looking for funnels meaning they’re looking for a way to take the attention to take the traffic and convert that traffic on the internet into sales and if you are someone with that particular skill set that can help them to do this you could earn a lot of money be very successful with this again companies out there they’re constantly looking for ways to increase sales. If you have the ability to provide this service funnel building skills are a very valuable skill. The funnel building has some specific requirements. You need to be a good copywriter you have to have some copywriting skills maybe you have some designing skills because of different elements on a funnel right so if you think about this particular skill set or other skill sets in some cases that it is a skill within a skill right you need different skill sets in combination combined to be able to perform this particular skill set.

#7 Public Speaking Skill

Public speaking is a very good high-income skill. Public speaking requires a lot of confidence, knowledge, and skill to connect and articulate things. 

You see today most of people are afraid to present they are afraid to speak to groups and that’s what makes public speaking so valuable. 

Companies and organizations are always looking for speakers and they’re willing to pay a good premium for good speakers. But public speaking is not easy to develop because most people are afraid of rejection they’re afraid of public embarrassment but if you could overcome that and you have expertise that is valuable to a corporation and company, public speaking skill is a great skill to master. 

#8 Chatbot Marketing Skill 

Now, what is a chat box now if you think about email back in the old days we still have it we have what we call an autoresponder meaning is a series of emails pre-written in a sequential manner so when you opt into something when you are on a website you give your email name and address to get more information in a period you will get these automated messages from the vendor or the business. 

Chatbots are extremely powerful. They can reduce the manpower for the business. There is a huge demand out there for this chatbot marketing skill why because everything is shifting to mobile.  

Chatbot Marketing is a new high-income skill that is in demand and most people don’t even know that it exists now to be a good chatbot kind of marketer you will need to have some copywriting skills as well as some basic kind of organizational or technical skill but it’s not complicated it is learning a boat. Now it’s going to take some time it’s not easy but it is learnable.

#9 System Skill 

System skill is very good high-income skills. Because of now with technology companies also need a lot of expertise they need someone to come into the company to help them organize different things in different aspects of the business. It could be their processes. It could be their work culture it could be their process flow there are so many things that they need someone to come in even for projects right so system skill is a very valuable skill to have especially if you can specialize in a certain area. Companies are going to pay top dollars for someone with this particular skill set you’ll always be in demand  

#10 Digital marketing skills 

Now, this is a no-brainer I’m talking about Facebook. I’m talking about social media and talking about Instagram. I’m talking about e-commerce anyone with digital marketing skills good one not an average one.

Good digital marketing skills will always be in demand. Now with digital marketing skills again it’s a skill with skill. To be a good digital marketer you need a variety of skills to be copywriting would designing could be a little bit of coding. That’s right because you need to combine different skill sets together and if you’re working with a client then you need the ability to close to get those clients who are willing to pay you on a monthly basis all for a big project you need that kind of skill as well to write the proposal to write the plan you need copywriting skill so that’s what we’re talking about.

10 High-Income skills that you may not be aware of that are hard to learn but will pay off forever.

Now I want you to understand something here skill equals income.

Skills = Income

You require a skill to pay the bill it does not matter what degree you hold. A degree alone cannot pay the bills you require a skill that pays the bill.

You have to learn these skills to make more money to become rich. Which skill set do you feel resonates with you? Which skill do you want to learn today?  Send me your choice or connect with me on

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