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Vested Review – US stock Investment for Indian Investors

Vested Review – Indian Investors can invest in the US stock market easily with a click of a button using the Vested US stock investment app.

If you are an Indian stock market investor, you should also consider the US stock market for investment.

US stock market is full of opportunities and offers multiple benefits.

Exposure to the world’s most profitable companies 

It allows you to invest in the world’s most profitable companies – Google, Apple, Microsoft, and Facebook.

Diversity Currency Exposure  

In the Indian stock market, you only get the benefit of the increase in share price, whereas in the US market you get the benefit of the increase in the share price as well as the benefit of increasing dollar value.

Geographical diversification 

Exposure to the US market increases diversification in the stock portfolio and also helps you in generating a higher return.

US stocks investment is simplified by

Here is a complete review of the Vested US stock investment platform and mobile app. This review contains key features of Vested, fees, pros, and cons.


What is Vested?

Vested is a zero-commission investment platform that gives you access to the US equity market via a website and mobile app. You can invest in US stocks and ETFs using this platform. This platform is available for Indian investors as well as NRI.

Key features of Vested 

Zero commission on US Investing

Vested provides a zero-commission platform & mobile app for the US investing. You can place any number of buy and sell orders at zero additional charges.

Fractional share investing

You can invest with just $1 on this platform. You will get US shares in the fraction.

No Minimum Balance

You need not maintain any minimum balance on this platform. You can open an account with 0 minimum balance on this platform.

Pre-built portfolio

You can get access to a pre-built portfolio that consists of stocks and ETFs made with different goals and themes in mind.

Portfolio Analytics and Dashboard

Simple and easy-to-use dashboard with portfolio tracking, analytics, and real-time updates with financial data of US companies. Top holding charts and sector breakdown information.

Weekly Insights

You can receive weekly insights about the market, stocks, and emerging technologies on this platform.

Simplified Tax reporting

Vested help you in simplifying your tax filing by providing tax statement and reports at the end of each financial year.


Vested in SEC-registered investment advisor. Each brokerage account opened vested is backed by $5000000 insurance by the SIPC.

Vested Fees

  • Investing account brokerage fee – 0%
  • Fund deposit fee – Standard bank charges
  • Fund withdrawal fee – $11 per withdrawal
  • Vest portfolio purchase fee – $3 per portfolio
  • Premium customer fee – Rs.2500 per year


  • Easy signup and onboarding process
  • Investment in US stock market with a click of a button
  • Zero commission investing in US stocks
  • Facility to buy US stocks in a fraction
  • SEC-registered investment advisor and backed by insurance
  • Pre-built portfolio to earn higher returns
  • No minimum balance requirement
  • Sell and withdraw funds anytime
  • Regular updates in terms of newsletters


  • A withdrawal fee of $11 per withdrawal
  • No access to bonds and derivatives  

How to use Vested?

You can use Vested on your desktop as well as your smartphone.

Vested Desktop Platform

#1 To use this platform on your desktop you need to visit – and click on “Start Investing” button and Sign Up using your e-mail, Facebook or Apple ID.

#2 Once you are registered you need to undergo a KYC process meeting US regulation requirements.

#3 Once your KYC is done you can remit INR to USD with your banking partner and start investing in US stocks.

Vested Mobile App

#1 You can download the Vested mobile app from the Google Play Store or Apple store and signup for opening your account.

#2 Once your account is opened you need to complete the KYC process – submitting your PAN card and identity details.

#3 Once your KYC is completed you can start investing in the US market by remitting INR to USD with prefer banking partner. All major Indian banks such as Axis Bank, ICICI Bank, Yes Bank, HDFC, SBI are supported for fund transfer.

The minimum investment amount is $1. You can get stocks in the fraction also. You can sell stock anytime and withdraw your money.

Vested FAQ

Is Vested legit?

Vested is discount broker in India for US Stock market. Yes it is completely legal and hassle free investment platform for investing in US equities and ETF.

Is Vested SEBI registered?

NO Vested holds no SEBI registration but it is valid US Securities and Exchange Commission Registered Investment Adviser.

Is Vested Legal in India?

Yes, Vested is legal investment platform in India.

How does Vested earn money?

Vested earns money from premium plans and from VESTS portfolio. It also earns money withdrawal commission in $.

Vested Review

As per me, Vested is the best platform to invest in the US stock market for Indian and NRI individuals.

What I like about Vested is onboarding process is superfast. The app interface is intuitive and easy to use. It supports all major Indian banks for fund transfer.

Buying and selling US stock on this app is super fast. No brokerage and no minimum balance requirement are major plus points as per me.

Vested is a secured platform that uses the highest encryption stranded 256 bit for security. It is also backed with insurance up to $500000.

The only negative I could find about Vested is $11 withdrawal fees.

I loved the Vested platform for US stock investment.

If you have not started US stock investment you can start now by using Vested.

Note – In case you use this app for investing in US stock market make sure to ask for digital advice or transaction receipt for US stock.

Happy Investing!

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