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17 Top Best stocks for 2017 recommended by stock experts

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CNBC TV 18 has arranged a special show ‘Super17’ to find out potential multibagger  best stocks for 2017. Four well-known stock market experts SP Tulsian, Prakash Diwan, Dipan Mehta and Daljeet Singh Kohli chaired the show and recommended super 17 stocks for investment in 2017. They have given assurance that the recommended stocks will deliver very good returns to the investors.

2016 was an average year for the investor. Sensex was able to generate only 5% return to the investor. The major driving factors for the market in the year 2016 were Brexit, US election, and demonetization. The year 2016 is about to end, soon we will welcome New Year 2017 with a lot of joy and expectations.

Following 17 Top Best stocks are recommended for stock market experts for investment in 2017.

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Best Stocks for investment in 2017

Best Stocks recommendation by SP Tulsian for 2017

  1. Zee Media

Zee Media is first best stock suggested by SP Tulsian for the investment in 2017. Zee media is in news and entertainment business. Zee media has recently acquired 92.7 Big FM radio channel business from ADAG group. The stock is expected to get the benefit of this acquisition in 2017. The target price of Zee Media crop for next one year is Rs.55.

  1. Dwarikesh Sugar

Dwarikesh Sugar is next potential multi-bagger stock of 2017. The stock of Dwarikesh Sugar has generated very good returns in 2016 and it will continue to generate a good return in 2017 as per SP Tulsian. The EPS of this share is likely to get double next year. The stock has a potential to give 50% return in 2017. You can purchase the stock with target price of Rs.435.

  1. Dynemic Products

Dynemic Products is next stock pick of SP Tulsian. Dynemic Products is Manufacturer and exporter of food, lake, and blended colors. These colors are widely used in the diverse industries like confectionery, bakery, dairy, personal care etc. The company has very few competitors. The company is completely debt free. The target price of Dynemic Products is Rs.200.

  1. Century Textiles

Century Textile is one of the best stock for 2017 recommended by SP Tulsian. Century textile is a multi-product company. The cement and paper sector business of this company is doing very good. The reality arm of the company is expected to grow multifold in the years to come. You can invest in a stock with target price of Rs.1200.

  1. Sandur Manganese

Sandur Manganese is next stock pick by SP Tulsian. Sandur Manganese deals with manganese and iron ores. It is a combination of MOIL and NMDC. It is a debt free company. The production capacity of the company is very good. The price of manganese and iron ore is increasing which is another positive point for the company. You can invest in a stock with target price of Rs.1170.

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Best Stocks recommendation by Prakash Diwan for 2017

  1. Trent

Trent is first stock pick by Prakash Diwan for 2017. Trent is the retail arm of tata group. Trent manages Star Bazaar, Westside, Landmark and Croma brands of Tata. It is one of the fastest growing retail chains in India. The target price of Trent for next one year is Rs.277.

  1. Shakti Pumps

Shakti pump is next stock pick by Prakash Diwan. Shakti Pump is the largest company of manufacturing stainless steel submersible pumps. The company has superior product quality and good energy efficiency. The company has global footprints and it is expanding radically. You can invest in Shakti Pump with a target price of Rs.199.

  1. Dynemic Products

Dynemic Products recommended stocks by two stalwarts Prakash Diwan and SP Tulsian. The diverse and unique product range make this stock more attractive. The target price given by Prakash Diwan for this stock is Rs.199 for 18 months.

  1. Shipping Corporation

Shipping Corporation of India is recommended the stock for investment in 2017 by Prakash Diwan. Shipping Corporation is available at a 52-week low price and it is good buying bet. The target price for the stock for next 18 months is Rs.99.

Best Stocks recommendation by Dipan Mehta for 2017

  1. Strides Shasun

Strides Shasun is first stock pick by Dipan Mehta for 2017. Strides Shasun is an Indian pharmaceutical company. Strides Shasun has assimilated many acquisitions. The company has good domestic and global market. The company has multiple growth drivers and it is good for investment.

  1. Aurobindo Pharma

Aurobindo Pharma is most popular and consistent performer stock. The company has a lot of products in the pipeline. Aurobindo Pharma will surely give a better return in the future.

  1. NBCC

NBCC is public sector company dealing in real estate development and project management consultancy.  Dipan is bullish on NBCC.  The order book value of NBCC is very good. The company is expected to grow @ 25% in the years to come. NBCC is not affected even by demonetization as it is PSU.  It is recommended to invest in NBCC.

  1. Motherson Sumi

Motherson Sumi is the best stock for investment in 2017 as per Dipen Mehta. Motherson Sumi Systems is a leading automotive mirror and wiring harness manufacturer for passenger cars. It also supplies plastic components and modules to the automotive industry. Motherson Sumi has shown secular growth despite of challenges. It is good buying bet for 2017.

Best Stocks recommendation by Daljeet Singh Kohli for 2017

  1. Jubilant Life

Jubliant life is Daljeet Singh Kohli’s first pick for 2017. Jubilant Life deals in pharma and chemical business. The profit margin of the company is improving. The company has recently got US FDA approval for Rubyfill. You can plan to invest in a stock with target price of Rs.709.

  1. Shilpa Medicare

Shilpa Medicare is next pick of Mr.Daljeet Singh Kohli. Shilpa Medicare has already generated a very good return for the investors in past. The profit margin of Shilpa Medicare is likely to double in 2017. You can invest in a stock with target price of Rs.711.

  1. Force Motors

Daljeet Kohli is bullish on Force Motors for 2017. Force Motors has diversified business model. It is the only company in the world that works with big companies Mercedes and BMW.    They are into the assembling engines of luxury cars. The luxury car market in India is growing rapidly. It is a net debt free company. The stock is expected to touch Rs.4322 in next one year.

  1. MOIL

MOIL is the best stock for 2017 recommended by Daljeet Kohli. MOIL is state own manganese-ore mining company. It’s inexpensive stock of cash rich company. You can invest in MOIL with the target price of Rs.456.

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Over to you –

The stock market experts have done wonderful job of identifying best stocks for 2017. These stocks are fail-safe and expected to sparkle your portfolio in years to come.

Do you think buying super 17 best stocks suggested by stock market experts will likely to give good returns in future?

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 (The views content and recommendations expressed in this post are of brokerage house own and do not represent those of Please consult your financial advisor before taking any position in the stocks mentioned)

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