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15 Tools & Apps for a Startup Company

You might have selected good business ideas for your upcoming startup company. You might be ready with the resources and money required to make this startup company successful. However, executing those ideas in a correct manner is a difficult task. In order to help you in fulfilling your business dream here are 15 Tools & Apps for your startup company.

15 Tools Application for Startup Company

15 Tools & Apps for a Startup Company

 1 Trello

Trello is a very useful task manager for your startup company. This free tool offers the facility to manage tasks in an organized manner. You need not maintain lengthy email, spreadsheets, and sticky notes for your project you can use Trello which provide a flexible and visual way to organize everything. A business version of this tool gives additional administrative controls and security.

2 OneNote

OneNote is a popular tool from Microsoft. OneNote can give multiple benefits to your startup. You can work in an organized manner using OneNote. It allows you to take notes on the fly. You can record minutes of meetings using OneNote. You can add any file, email, and tag information to this tool. I highly recommend the usage of this tool for a startup company.


Bidsketch is proposal software that allows you to create professional client proposals in minutes. You can customize these proposals as per your requirement. You can even electronically sign these proposals. It is a paid product but if your startup company is involved in writing a lot of proposals to clients I recommend having a look at Bidsketch.


It is obvious that you require good manpower to run your startup company. Recuruiterbox is a software that helps you to carry out the recruitment process easily. You can track and manage job applications. You can customize your recruitment process with this tool. You can even organize and share a review about candidates using this tool. It will also help you to do resume management.

Zoho Invoice Generator

Zoho Invoice generator is a free online tool that will help you to generate your invoice quickly. This tool gives various editable fields. You just need to input data and your Invoice is ready. You can print the invoice or save it for reference. It is the fastest and easiest method to generate an invoice.

6. Vyapar Invoicing software

Vyapar is GST Billing Software in India for small businesses. You can manage your business professionally with Vyapar. Vyapar is the software for billing, inventory, and accounting needs. It is a desktop-based application that allows you to create GST Bills for customers. You can share them online. You can manage bills and send payment reminders to recover dues. It also helps in managing inventory. Overall it is very good software for small and medium-size business owners.

7 DropBox

During the startup process of your business, you may need to store and keep a lot of documents. If you want to exchange information with other you can use DropBox. DropBox gives you a free facility to store your data.


Slack is a free communication tool for effective collaboration. This is a similar tool to MS Teams it allows you to do group conversations, file sharing, and content search. Slack is free to use for as long as you want and with an unlimited number of people. The paid version of Slack includes guest access, a searchable archive, etc.


Flyp app allows you assign six phone numbers on your smartphone. This number remains simultaneously live on your smartphone. You can have a dedicated number for every activity. Each number has own SMS, voicemail, and profile facility.

10 Basecamp

Basecamp is online project management and collaboration tool. This tool gives essential workspace to a team for day to day operations. Basecamp is cloud base platform which gives task list, discussion platform, documents and calendar for project management. One can integrate basecamp with other desktop and web-based applications.

11 Wrike

Wrike is an online Project management tool for your startup company. Wrike combines project management with a real-time workspace for collaboration, discussion, and document sharing. You can set a goal, define priority, and track projects using this tool. This tool helps you to improve your planning and accountability.

12 Invision

Invision is a design, prototyping, collaboration, and workflow tool. You can transform static designs into a clickable prototypes using this tool. You can present and share designs using this tool. You can even gather feedback on the design. It is the best project management tool for web designers.

13 Product Hunt

Product Hunt is a tool to share and discover new products for your startup company. You can find detail about competitor products on this site. You can also share your product on this website and increase your revenue. Product Hunt is a free tool.

14 Quickbooks

Quickbooks help your startup company to organize your finances at one place. You can do invoicing, bookkeeping, billing, expense tracking, and sales using this tool. This tool works across all devices. (iPad, iPhone, Android). It helps business owners to make an informed decisions. You can avail of 30 days free trial of this tool before purchasing.

15 intercom.io

Intercom is a customer communication platform. Intercom helps you to have a live conversation with the customer. You can send targeted messages to website visitors and users of your app. Intercom gives you a free trial pack for 14 days. The observation package of this tool is free forever. You must try this tool for your business.

Hope you find the above tools useful and interesting. Please help us in growing this list by adding tools that you use for your startup company.

Do share your experience of using various tools & apps.

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