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Technical Analysis for Buying and Selling Stock

What is Technical Analysis? How to do Technical Analysis of the stock? A Technical analysis is a science of predicting stock price movement based on market trend, past price performance and volume of the stock. In layman term, best analogy of technical analysis would be weather forecasting. Weather forecasting is a method of forecasting weather condition, whereas in technical analysis is a method of predicting stock price condition. Technical analysis can help the investor to know what is likely to […]

Technical Analysis or Fundamental Analysis – Which is better?

What is Technical Analysis? What is Fundamental Analysis? How these methods works? Well, before answering these question let’s take a look at a practical situation. We keep on hearing that a company has “Strong Fundamentals” when we look at any stock market analyst. Another thing we hear is It is must buy stock, as fundamentals of the company is strong. So what exactly fundamentals are, how and when they are analyzed. In this post, I will try to answer these […]