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5 Reasons to Leave Job and Start business today

Leave your job and start the business today. It is most common advice given by everyone. However, very few follow this advice. The main reason for not following this advice is traditional approach taught to us in the school. Go to Shcool, get a good degree and find out a job for your survival. If your job is stressful, inconvenient and not paying enough money time has come to leave your job and start a business.Here are few convincing reasons […]

Starting a Business – 10 Questions You must ask yourself

Starting a Business is a big task you need to consider several things before taking the plunge of entrepreneurship. If you don’t do your homework properly you may end up losing money in the business. The major challenge in the business is to take a right decision at right time. When you are working for the company decision-making process is easy and it is backed by many people. On the other hand, when you run an organization you need to […]

20 Profitable Small Business Industries Ideas

A simple reason for starting a business is to earn the profit. So, which are the best profitable small business industries in India? What makes business ideas profitable? These are some common queries bugging up every aspiring businessman. So, let’s try to get answers to these queries. Some of the most profitable small business industries are real estate, food processing, clothes, chemical, and agrochemical. Apart from this household based customized products are also in high demand. If you have capital […]

What is required to become a successful businessman?

I come across many people who talks about starting a business.They aspire to become a successful businessman. However, a majority of them are talking about starting an own business since past several months or years and they have not taken any step in this direction. Whenever I ask them that what you are planning to do? When you will be starting a business? I am getting following answers. I have yet not decided anything. I am still thinking….! I am […]