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MoneyWorks4me – Mutual Funds and Stock Decision Making Tool

MoneyWorks4me is a website that offers free and paid services for stock market analysis. Recently this website has launched an amazing tool for the Fundamental Analysis of the mutual funds. Any retail investor can use this tool free of cost to find out financial health of the mutual fund. It gives suitability of stock and mutual fund for investment along with analysis and data. Let’s take a look at What is MoneyWorks4me?  How MoneyWorks4me can be used for Mutual Funds […]

How to do Fundamental Analysis of Stock?

It is always advisable to carry out fundamental analysis or research before making an investment in any stock. Let me give you one real-life example. When we purchase a shoe from the market we wear it two-three times. We also check if it is comfortable by walking two-three times. If we take utmost precision while buying such a small item, Why we are so casual while making an investment in the stock market? Well, one reason could be we don’t […]

Technical Analysis or Fundamental Analysis – Which is better?

What is Technical Analysis? What is Fundamental Analysis? How these methods works? Well, before answering these question let’s take a look at a practical situation. We keep on hearing that a company has “Strong Fundamentals” when we look at any stock market analyst. Another thing we hear is It is must buy stock, as fundamentals of the company is strong. So what exactly fundamentals are, how and when they are analyzed. In this post, I will try to answer these […]