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10 point checklist before buying property

Buying property is one of the biggest decision of a lifetime. However, growing property price, lack of money, refusal of home loan, the title of the property are few challenges that come across when you decide to purchase your dream home. In order to reduce the challenges and to help you in house hunting process here is 10 point checklist before buying property. This checklist will surely help you in saving time, money and energy. 10 Point checklist before buying […]

Before Buying Property for Investment

When big boom was going on in real estate market my friend has purchased property for the price that was 30% less than prevailing market rate. His prime purpose of buying this property was to make investment in real estate market to get good return. Only mistake he made while purchasing property is he has overlooked slum area present beside this property, as no buyer was available, he could got this property 30% lower than market rate. After 5 year […]