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10 Best Social Enterprise Business Ideas

Social Enterprise Business

Social Enterprise Business Ideas are like traditional business ideas. The only difference is social enterprise ideas are born with a desire to solve social problems. Social Enterprise Business Ideas are innovative in nature. As a Social Entrepreneur, you may not earn big money but it gives a sense of satisfaction of solving social problems. Many people are realizing the potential of social entrepreneurship and interested in opening social businesses.

Social enterprise business ideas are unique and you may not find competition in these types of business. If you are looking for social business ideas, here is a list of 10 most innovative and profitable social enterprise business ideas.

10 Best Social Enterprise Business Ideas  

  1. Social Supermarket

Social Supermarket is first social business idea. Social Supermarket means marketplace where surplus foods and basic items for living are sold at discounted rates to needy people. By social supermarket many needy people can fulfill their basic requirement for survival.

  1. Employment and Skill Training

The second social business idea is establish employment and skill training center. In this center you need to give training to needy people. The training should be related to topics which helps them to become good employee. Few examples are computer training, woodworking, plumbing, welding etc. You can charge nominal fees for this training.

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  1. Used Textbooks

Children of poor and needy people are always looking for textbooks for study. You can arrange meeting with school & college students, ask them to donate their used books for social cause. You can also employ students in collecting and distributing used books. You can also charge nominal fees for this used textbooks.

  1. Water Purification

A pure drinking water is biggest problem in rural area in the developing countries. You can create low cost small water purification product that can be sold to needy people. You can also think of maintaining water station at different location for this social cause.

  1. Market Place for Social Goods

There are people in rural and urban area who are looking for platform on which they can sell their handmade items art, carpets, shawls etc. You can provide them a platform either online or offline and guide them about marketing their products.

  1. Micro Lending

There are many people who are looking or loan for starting own business. You can create a platform where individual and organization interact and lend loans to people who are willing to start own business. You can collect a small commission on each loan.

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  1. Backing/Cooking for Social Cause

Starting a community kitchen or social kitchen is next social business. There are so money homeless and needy people looking for food at subsidized rates. You can set up this type of project with the help of volunteers and people.

  1. Solar Products and Stove

Many people in developing country are living in the village. Unavailability of electricity and wood fire stove are major challenges faced by them. You can think of making a solar product or cost-effective stoves and sell them at subsidized rates to those who cannot afford them.

  1. Micro Power Generation

As discussed above lack of electricity is major challenge in the village area. You can develop some alternative source of power generation at low cost. You can use biomass and waste products in order to do that. The electricity manufactured by these means came be used to provide power to classrooms and hospitals.

  1. Micro Giving for Easy Philanthropy

You can set up platform for philanthropy and use donated amount for the welfare of poor people. It is  one of the best social business. However, you cannot earn money by doing this. It is suitable for retirement people. Another idea linked to this business is convincing manufacturer and buyer to give away fixed money charity every time they sell that product. By this you can increase amount of donation available to needy people.

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