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Simple Ideas for making more money

Simple Ideas for Making More Money –  Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results – It is one of the famous quote by Albert Enstine. Similarly, all individuals worldwide are looking to increase their income either by doing the same job or by taking on additional tasks in hopes of earning more money. In this post, I will outline some straightforward strategies to increase your income, and choose the one that best fits your needs. I will aim to offer pertinent information for every idea.

Make More Money

Simple Ideas for making more money

 Making money from money

(1)   Exhaust the possibilities of your investments

At first glance, you may be thinking that earning money from investment is a bit tough. If you have short-term planning it is true but for long-term compounding effect always leads to more money in your basket. So always seek the possibility of investment.

You have to exhaust your lying money in a savings bank/home for investment. You have to select the right investment and the right time & you can earn a good return from your investment. For more details about the right investment take advice from some experts.

(2)   Trading in stock

If you have enough knowledge and skill then trading in stock could be a good way of making money. Earning money in this way is quite risky as predicting the market and swapping money accordingly is very difficult. Many people still make money like this.

Before starting trading please make up your mind (get ready for loss) do enough practice on various websites that offer money market games try that for virtually buy/sell stock and making a portfolio. Keep a close eye on the stock market and the respective scrip that you are willing to trade for.

Money-making idea for Salaried people

No one gets a sudden rise, even the sun. No one gets a sudden fall, even the moon, so we have to stabilize our lives with a positive approach. Money-making ideas for salaried people are:-

(3)   Ask for a salary rise

For salaried people, a job is a lifeline, a way to earn money. You can grab an opportunity to make more money by asking for a salary rise. Of course, you will not get a raise easily but you have to represent your case in such a manner that maximizes the likelihood of getting it. To make it simple please do an extraordinary job in your field and make sure that everyone knows especially your immediate superior (Boss). If this extraordinary job/task affects business boost nothing like it.

While presenting your case please give specific examples about your work and see the effect. If you do this well you will get a rise in salary.

(4)   Getting Promotion

If the idea of a salary rise does not work for you another way to make money is by getting a promotion. You will be paid more if promoted to a higher position, but this promotion will come with additional responsibility. So make sure you are ready for this additional burden. To get a promotion you have to start accepting more challenges / more responsibility. Not only that you have to outperform in every job/task/responsibility assigned to you.

(5)   Change Job

Just like a promotion, another idea is a job change. Many people adopt this technique to earn more money by asking/negotiating higher salaries. The key behind the success of this idea is to market yourself well in the job market so that you will get a good job with significantly higher pay than your current job. You can increase your marketability by making a professional resume with a cover letter. Include your all professional accomplishments and see the magic you could get roughly a 10% salary hike.

An important point to keep in mind is don’t quit your existing job till you get a new job quitting a job without another job in hand is a risky idea and believe me could lead to disaster, I have seen it personally. If you get into a job that you don’t like/hate continue to take appropriate steps to get a new job or in short plan a job change smoothly.

Once you get a good offer don’t lose the chance to negotiate well you could get a jackpot as the salary rises by changing jobs.

(6) Part-time job /work

You can utilize your current skills by doing a part-time job or part-time work. Not only that you can develop a specific skill set that can earn you more money if you are good at teaching you can start tuition part-time and earn a side income. If you have skills in marketing you can be a good life insurance advisor and earn a good commission.

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Money-making idea by starting something new

You can simply start something new which can earn you more money here are few simple ideas for you-

(7)   Freelancing

You can implement this idea at any time. This idea provides great flexibility in terms of time, amount of work you can do, and money. On the internet you can explore various websites that can provide work for freelancers select you’re field/work and get going. The most popular fields are web designing, application development, accounting, etc.

(8)   Blogging

Another simple idea for making money is by blogging you can provide services as a blogger it is one of the hardest money-making ideas. Quality content generation and writing require knowledge, time, and thought processes. Bloggers can earn 1000$ or more per month.

(9)   E-book 

The idea of writing a book and selling it online as an ebook is a way of earning extra money or generating a passive income source. You have to spend time and energy at the initial stage to write a book and promote it once you get success you will spend less time and earn more. This idea can earn you a name and fame apart from money.

(10)  Launching unique website 

Everything is available on the Internet nowadays but still, there are certain unique things/ ideas for which no websites are present if you have a unique business model like this you can earn money by launching a website with this unique idea. You can also earn money by placing advertisements on your website.

(11)  Selling Photo online 

You may be surprised by hearing that you can sell photographs and earn money. Many websites on the internet like Flicker sell this type of photo. Many companies use this type of copyrighted photograph for advertisement etc. If you are very good at camera/photography this idea can lead you to earn several thousand rupees.

(12)  Online marketing / E-mail Marketing 

Marketing for products/services online is another idea for earning good money. You can join any website that pays for online marketing. You just need to attract people by doing online marketing / E-mail marketing or promoting products online. If a consumer purchases products you will be paid commission money.

Some other money-making ideas

(13)  Selling unused/old items

Many items at your home may be useless or old you can earn good money by selling these old items. Many websites are available on which you can place your advertisement and believe me you will get a good response.

(14)  Turn your hobby to earn more money

I love this dhinka chika idea. If you are good at something you can earn from that this could be anything like writing review online, starting your own website, making paintings, making some artistic decorative items, and selling. You can even earn money by starting babysitting or starting a career as a matchmaker or wedding planner. The thing is that you must have passion for your work and money will come.


1. How can I make extra money without quitting my full-time job?

Explore flexible side hustles that allow you to work on your schedule, such as freelancing or selling products online.

2. Is investing in education worth it for increasing income?

Yes, investing in education and skills development can significantly increase your earning potential and open doors to higher-paying opportunities.

3. What are some tax benefits of creating multiple streams of income?

Depending on your situation, you may be eligible for tax deductions or credits related to business expenses, investments, or retirement savings.

4. How can networking help me make more money?

Networking allows you to connect with potential clients, collaborators, mentors, and opportunities that can lead to increased income and career advancement.

5. What should I do if I’m struggling to manage debt?

Consider seeking assistance from a financial advisor or credit counselor who can help you create a debt repayment plan and explore options for reducing interest rates or consolidating debt.

Shitanshu Kapadia
Shitanshu Kapadia
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