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20 Online Jobs Ideas – Investment-Free

Online Jobs and income generation ideas are famous all over the internet. People from India and all over the world want online jobs and income ideas without making any investment (free money). They are always looking for genuine online jobs and business ideas with low investment. To help them, I am here with 20 Online Jobs Income Ideas – Free Without Investment.

Online Jobs

Yes! These ideas are proven and many people including me are already earning money using these ideas. Now you can also generate income from these online jobs. Your income level will be starting from Rs.1000 per month to Rs.1 Lac per month based on your work and working capacity.

These online jobs are so simple that they can be started by anyone. There is no need for special qualifications, experience, or technical knowledge to start these jobs. Anyone from a student, housewife, unemployed, working professional and retired person can start making money with these ideas. You just need to invest your time and you can earn several dollars.

So, what are you waiting for start your first part-time income from today.

20 Online Jobs Income Ideas – Free Without Investment

#1 Online Jobs of Viewing Advertisement

Online job viewing advertisements is one of the simplest ways to earn money online. There are a number of websites where you can sign up and start earning money by viewing an advertisement. This type of job is known as a PTC (Pay-to-click) jobs.

In these online jobs, you just need to click and view the advertisements. You will be paid for viewing each advertisement. The payout varies from $0.001 to $0.005 for every advertisement. You can work 1 hour to 2 hours online and earn up to 10,000 Rs per month.

Here are the exact steps you need to follow to start your online job of viewing advertisements.

Step -1 – Find out a legitimate PTC (Pay to Click) website.

Step -2 – Register on the PTC site and activate your account.

Step -3 – Click on View Ads and start earning money.

#2 Online Micro Jobs

Online Micro Jobs are another way of earning online money. Micro jobs mean small tasks which can be completed in a few minutes. There are numbers of such websites which provides online micro-jobs. These types of sites are known as GPT (Get Paid to complete a task) sites.

In this online job, you need to complete the small task assigned to you. This task will be like filling up the form, downloading the app on mobile, etc. You will be paid for each task completed by you. The typical payout will be $0.001 to $0.01 for every task.

Here are the exact steps you need to follow to earn online income from micro job sites.

Step -1 – Find out online Micro Jobs website.

Step -2 – Register on this site and get your account activated.

Step -3 – Complete the task and start earning money.

Amazone Mturk and Microworkers provide an online micro job facility.

#3 Online  Jobs Survey

An online survey job is the next idea of earning money online. Many companies today want to know about their product and services. They conduct an online survey to gather this information. This information helps them to increase their sales.

In this job, you need to complete an online survey. On completion of every survey, a few dollars will be credited to your account. Typical payout will be in the range of $0.5 to $1 for every survey. You need to work for 1 to 2 hours daily to earn 20,000 Rs every month.

Inboxdollars is one such site that provides online survey jobs.

#4 Online Jobs Money by Google Adsense

Your favorite search engine google also allows you to earn online money. Google Adsense is one of the highest online income generation ideas. You can earn $2000 – $5000 from Google Adsense every month. However, it requires a lot of time and hard work to make money using Google Adsense.

Google Adsense is an Advertising platform. To generate income using Google Adsense you need to first become a publisher. The first prerequisite for becoming a publisher is you must have a very good website/blog with a lot of traffic and quality content. Follow the steps given below to apply for a Google Adsense account.

Step -1 – Register at Google Adsense by providing basic information including your website details.

Step -2 – Google will review your application and approve/reject based on website content and traffic.

Step -3 – If your account is approved you can get an approval email and detailed instructions about this program.

Step -4 – You need to log in to your Google Adsense account and generate an advertisement code.

Step -5 – Place this advertisement code on your website.

Step -6 – You will be paid every time the Customer/User clicks on these advertisements.

You need to be extremely good at generating unique content to get approval from Google Adsense.

#5 Earn Money by Youtube Online Jobs

You can also earn money by uploading videos on YouTube. Google will pay you for showing advertisements on these videos. It requires a lot of time and hard work to generate money using YouTube. Follow the steps given below to start earning money on YouTube.

Step -1 – Record high-quality unique video from a professional camcorder or mobile.

Step -2 – Create a channel and Upload this video on the YouTube site.

Step -3 – Apply for a Google Adsense YouTube account to show advertisements on video.

Once your account is approved advertisement will start showing on a video uploaded by you.

#6 Sell Photo Online

If you are a photographer you can sell photographs online and earn money. Many companies require unique photos for their product advertisement and they are ready to pay money for the same. You just need to upload the photo on photo selling website and you can start earning money. You need to be extremely creative and good at taking photographs.

Shutterstock and Fotolia are some of the websites that allow you to sell photos online.

#7 Buy and Sell Domain

Another online income generation idea is buying and selling domain names online. It is a very simple way of earning money. You can earn $100 to $1000 per month by opting for this idea. Follow the steps given below to start earning money using this idea.

Step -1 – Carry out research and purchase a good domain name.

Step -2 – Register for a website that allows you to sell domain names online.

Step -3 – Place your advertisement of selling the domain online at a higher price.

Step -4 – Once your domain is sold money will get credited to your account.

Godaddy provides a facility for buying and selling domains online.

#8 Blogging

You can start an online blog and generate unique content. You need to regularly update your blog by writing content. Once your blog starts generating traffic, you can either opt for Google Adsense or a direct advertisement option to start earning money. You need to spend 3-4 hours daily to generate a good income from your blog.

#9 Content Writing

You can also start your online job as a content writer. To become a content writer, you need to be very good at writing unique content. Once you develop this skill you need to contact bloggers who are looking for a good content writer. As a content writer, you can earn 500 Rs to 1000 Rs per article.

#10 Online Jobs Captcha Typing 

Online Captcha Typing Job is one of the easiest ways to make money online. You just need to type the captcha containing 4 to 10 characters. Captcha is used as an additional security feature while registering on the website or filling up form.

Your earning here depends on your typing speed. However, as a beginner, you can type 1000 captcha in one hour. For every 1000 captcha, $1 will be paid to you. So, if you can work four hours every day you will be able to earn $120 every month.

Captcha2Cash website provides you with online captcha typing jobs.

#11 Online Jobs E-mail Marketing 

E-mail marketing is the fastest and most effective way to connect with the customer. Many companies today offer email marketing jobs to increase their customer reach. You need to send emails to customers and you will be paid for sending these emails. There are many such websites that offer E-mail marketing jobs.

#12 E-mail Reading Online Jobs

E-mail reading online job is one of the safest and easiest ways to make money online. You can earn up to $250 by doing e-mail reading jobs. You do not need to have any previous experience and knowledge to do this job. Follow the steps given below to start your e-mail reading job.

Step -1 Sign up at the E-mail reading job website.

Step -2 Open your email box and you will find emails in your mailbox.

Step -3 Open the email and click on the link given in the email.

Step -4 Stay on the website for 30 seconds and your account will be credited with the amount associated with the paid email.

Email-reading-jobs.com provides such a facility of earning money online.

#13 Data Entry Online Jobs

You can find several data entry jobs online. You need to complete this data entry job and you will be paid for completing every job. Your payout depends upon your typing speed. If your speed of typing is very good you will be able to earn 10,000 Rs to 20,000 Rs per month by doing data entry jobs.

#14 Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is one type of marketing where you refer someone to buy the online product. When that person buys a product based on your recommendation you will be paid a commission. Amazon, Flipkart, and all other websites offer Affiliate programs. Affiliate marketing is art and you can able to earn up to $25000 by doing affiliate marketing.  Follow the steps given below to earn commission income from affiliate marketing.

Step -1 – Find out the Best Affiliate marketing program.

Step -2 – Register for this program and generate an advertisement link or banner.

Step -3 – Place this link or banner on your website or send your recommendation by email to your friends and relatives.

Step -4 – In case anyone purchases products based on your recommendation you will be paid with a commission.

#15 Online Jobs Freelancer 

If you are skillful you can start earning money by doing an online freelancer job. You need to bid for projects/jobs that are available online. Once you complete the project you will receive the payment. These freelancer jobs will be like logo designing, programming, data entry, etc.

There are many websites like Elance, ODesk, Freelancer, and Fiverr that provide such online jobs.

#16 Earn Money from Smartphone

You can also make money using smartphone apps. You need to download these apps on your mobile. Each app will assign a unique task to you. On completion of this task, you will be paid with few dollars. Payment here varies from $1 to $10 for every task.

#17 Social Media Marketing

If you have technical skills you can start your social media marketing work. You need to contact companies that are looking for such services. You can get money for creating a social media page and getting Facebook likes.

#18 SMS Jobs

SMS advertisement is a new way of reaching customers. You can earn money by sending SMS. Monthly income from doing an SMS marketing job is up to 65000 Rs. For every SMS, you will get 4 Rs to 7 Rs. You can treat it as a part-time or full-time job opportunity.

#19 Ad Posting Online Jobs

Ad Posting is one of the easiest ways of earning money. You need to post the ads and you will be paid for every ad you post. Even you will be paid for every sale made through your posted ads. You will be paid $1 to $5 for every ad posting. I have not tried the ad posting job option, however, heard that people are earning a lot of money using Ad posting jobs.

#20 Get Paid for Playing Game

The last idea of the online job is getting paid for playing games. Yes, you read it correctly you will get paid if you play the game sounds interesting right?  You need to sign up at a website that is offering money on playing games. Ysense also offers money on playing websites in addition to that you will also get paid for reviewing online games or referring to friends.

Hope the 20 online jobs and Income ideas mentioned here are helpful to you. So, what are you waiting for start your first online job today!

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Shitanshu Kapadia
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