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Take Selfie to open Saving Bank Account on Fed Selfie

Fed Selfie

Imagine how easy it is if you can open a bank account using Selfie using one click. You can save your time as you can avoid visiting a bank. Your imagination is turned into reality now you can use your Selfie to open saving bank account. A Federal bank has recently launched android based mobile app to open zero balance saving bank account instantly using Selfie. Federal bank is the first bank in India to provide such a facility.

An old version of e-passbook app “FedBook” is updated by a bank to add this feature. FedBook is a most popular app that allows you to see your banking transaction on the move. In addition to this now you can open your saving bank account instantaneously using this app anywhere anytime. PAN card and Aadhar card is mandatory to open saving bank account using this app.

Key Features of FedBook – Selfie App

  • You can open account quickly using selfie
  • Account number will be generated and given instantly
  • Your account will be a Zero Balance Account
  • No annual maintenance charges (AMC) for debit cards for usage of POS and E-commerce transactions.
  • Online Validation of KYC documents

How to Open Saving Bank Account using FedBook?

Follow three simple steps given below to open Saving Bank account using FedBook.

Step -1 Download FedBook app in your mobile select the branch as per your choice and take selfie using this app.

Step -2 Scan the QR code of your Aadhar Card

Step -3 Scan your PAN card and you will get your account number instantly.

What I should do after getting account number?

After submitting your application you will receive a call from bank guiding about activation process of the account. You can ask a bank representative to visit you or you can collect account opening kit from the branch nearby you.

You can remit up to 10,000 Rs/- as one time initial remittance by NEFT fund transfer or by cheque.

My views –  

Technology is advancing in leap and bounce. Every day we discover that something new is happening in the digital world which is touching our life.

Now we can transfer money using whatsapp. We can deposit and issue cheque using mobile – etfCheques, we can use a mobile wallet for online transaction and we can also open a bank account using mobile.

Thanks to technology, need of visiting bank has become redundant. I don’t remember when I visited bank last time.

When was the last time you visited a bank?

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Note – This post is written to share information about digital innovation by Federal Bank. Money Excel is not associated by any means with a federal bank.

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