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Sales Process – 4 Proven Tips to Increase & Control Sales

Sales are extremely important in the business. You can not survive in the business without sales. Sales generate revenue and revenue allows a business to cover its expense, invest in growth opportunities and make a profit. Without sales, it is difficult to survive in the business. If you are facing difficulty in the sales process you are at the right place. In this post, I am going to share 4 proven tips that help you increase and control your sales.

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Sales Process – 4 Proven Tips to Increase and Control Sales 

#1 Ask a lot of questions

The first thing you need to do in the sales process is you need to ask a lot of questions. Most people have a misconception that being good at sales equals being good at presenting, being good at talking, and being good at telling the client everything about the company and the product or the service. However, it is exactly the opposite being good at sales means being good at asking questions. 

Because it’s the person who’s asking the questions that control the conversation & flow of the meeting. If you’re not asking questions then the client may ask you questions like –

  • What’s the price of the product or service?
  • What is the outcome or the result?
  • What is the credibility of the price?

So, if you allow clients to ask the question they will ask a lot of negative questions to challenge your product or services. So that they can lower the price and get more bargaining power. But, if you are asking questions it would be about their buying needs, benefits, and features which they seek in the buying process. 

The answers to these questions will force them to take a buying decision. So, the first way is to ask a lot of questions. 

#2 Share the Best Solution

The second tip is to tell them what is the best solution for them. You know human beings are this indecisive they just hate making decisions. So sometimes your customer just reverts to you and says let me think

about it and get back to you. Honestly, there’s nothing much for them to think about they just want to float in the ocean of confusion and then not make any decision. 

So sometimes it’s best to tell the client what’s best for them. What’s right

for them and do it with integrity. Do it with absolute honesty and transparency. This means if your product or service cannot fulfill the need be honest with them and tell them we are not the right partners for you that’s what will gain trust. If you believe that your product or service is the right product or service for their needs and you’ve understood their needs by asking them the questions in step one then you can have all the

conviction in the world and tell them trust me this is the best thing with reasons. Because people are indecisive they don’t know how to make decisions so tell them what is best for them it helps you stay in control and not be at the mercy of the client. 

#3 Generate Commitments at Each Step

The third tip to increase sales is to generate commitments at each step. 

So if a client says to send us your level one proposal with the ideas that you recommend for us then you need to say great I’m happy to send you that proposal but can we also decide on by when will we receive feedback? This is one example there are many other ways by which you can generate commitment and increase sales. 

Generate commitments it’s your right to ask it’s your right to be fair to yourself. Generate commitments because when you generate commitments that’s when you lead them to the next step. If they said send a proposal the next step is to receive their feedback. So you need to lead them to say I need feedback then they say okay let’s have a conversation to discuss the pricing then you need to say okay great let’s come into the conversation to discuss the pricing but can we also make sure that the pricing is win-win pricing.

#4 Do marketing consistently

Doing marketing consistently is next. You must be wondering why marketing. This post is about sales. Let me tell you why you need to do marketing consistently. If you as a business do marketing consistently then you generate a healthy pipeline of leads for yourself. When you have a healthy pipeline of leads for yourself then you have confidence. When you have confidence and a customer is negotiating hard with you then you know how to hold your price and hold your profitability.

Think about it when you do marketing consistently that’s when you have the upper hand in the negotiation. Because you’re not living in the desperation that you have nobody else in the pipeline so let me sell at whatever price I can and that’s when you hold your profits. That’s when you’re not at the mercy of the client in sales and you can control the sales.

So make sure to follow these 4 tips and see the magic. Your sales will be in control and you can increase your sales too. If you want to learn more about sales or if you have questions you can reach me at

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