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Mutual Fund Holdings gives 100% Return in 1 year

Tracking mutual fund holdings is one of the best ways to identify equity stock for the trading. It will give you a fair idea about sectors and stock from where you can expect decent returns.

You can easily get Information about mutual fund holdings from either fund fact sheet or share holding pattern of the stock. From last one year, fund houses are bullish on certain stocks and they are increasing holdings in these stocks. On analysis, it is found that these stocks had generated a double-digit or three-digit return in last one year. So, let’s take a look at Mutual Fund Holdings that had given return up to 100% in last 1 year.

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Mutual Fund Holdings gives 100% Return in 1 year

V-Guard Industries Ltd

V-Guards Industries is a major electrical appliance manufacturer of India. V-Guard Industries is one of the most favorite stocks of mutual funds. Last year in September month mutual fund holding in this stock was 5.78% and today it is grown to 8.2%. The stock of V-Guard has given 106% return in last one year.

Heidelberg Cement India

Heidelberg Cement India is major cement producer from south India. A stock of Heidelberg Cement is performing very well and this stock has generated 83% return in past one year. Looking at upcoming Infrastructure projects by the government it is advisable to invest in this stock. In past year mutual funds has increased around 5% holding in this stock. 

Mahindra Holidays

Mahindra Holidays is one of the biggest leisure and hospitality Sector Company. Mutual Funds are bullish on mahindra holidays. In last one year, they have increased around 4% holding in this stock. This stock is performing well and in last one year stock has given 60% return to the investor.

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Ramco Industries

Ramco Industries is next stock in the line. Ramco is dealing in multiple businesses such as Cement, Fibre Cement products, Cotton Yarn and Information Technology etc. The stock of Ramco has given 50% return in last one year.

Apart from above stocks, mutual funds are also bullish on stock such as Tata Coffee, Engineers India, Oriental Carbon and Chemicals, HDIL and Asahi India Glass. They are increasing holdings in these stocks.

mutual fund holdings

All Time Favorite stocks of Mutual Funds

In addition to above, you may be surprised to note that banking sector stocks are all time favorite stocks of fund houses. All fund houses had invested aggressively in banking stocks.

HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank, SBI, Axis Bank and Indusind bank are top 5 stocks holding by all equity mutual funds. Other stocks in which all equity mutual funds had invested their money are Infosys, Larsen & Toubro, Reliance Industries, Maruti Suzuki and Sun Pharma.

top mutual fund holdings

Note – Holding Details are taken from HDFC SEC

All these stocks mentioned above are blue chip stocks and you can invest your money in these stocks for the long term.

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How mutual Fund house select Stock for investment?

Fund manager of mutual funds are selective in nature and they consider following things before making an investment in any stocks.

  • Quarter to Quarter Growth of a company.
  • Business model and management of a company.
  • Market share in sector and competition in the sector.
  • Debt on Company.
  • Future business potential.

It is a debatable topic that one should make an investment based on fund house selection or not. However, as per me, one should not invest only based on fund house selection as fund house has different viewpoint while making an investment. It is advisable to make your own investment portfolio based on self-analysis and study. You can take reference from above stocks while taking investment decision.

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