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How to make money on Instagram? – Complete Guide

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How to make money on Instagram? It is one of the most popular question asked by many people. So, today let’s try to get an answer to this question.

Instagram is one of the most popular social networking platforms. Millions of people all over the world use Instagram for socializing and sharing photos. In addition to socializing, Instagram is used by many people to make money online. If you are planning to make money on Instagram here is a complete guide including the best strategies and ideas to monetize your Instagram account.

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How to make money on Instagram?

Follow the steps given below to make money from Instagram.

Create Instagram Account

The first step towards making money via Instagram is creating your Instagram account. If you have already created your account, you can skip this step. Creating an account is not enough you need to set basic all right for your account.

Please fill out complete information including contact information and topic on which you are likely to post contents. Add relevant keywords and hashtag in your profile so that it will be easy to find your profile by your followers.

Grow your follower and become an influencer

Next step is to grow your followers and become an influencer. In order to grow your followers start posting regularly on your account. Make sure to post several unique images per day. Focus more on the quality of the post.

The images posted by you should be unique and high quality. If you can spend some money go for high-quality DSLR camera. Include hashtag while posting images. It will help you to get your post viral.

Network with your followers by various methods. You can use commenting and liking images. Establish a friendly relationship with your followers. Your follower should become your friends.

Make at least 1000 followers. Once you are done with above start making money on Instagram.

Make Money on Instagram

#1 Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing means promoting product & services of other company and getting a commission for every sale. Affiliate marketing is one of the most promising business online for making money. Thousands of bloggers are making money online using this method.

For affiliate marketing, first, you need to associate yourself with various companies or affiliate aggregators. You can register at ShareAsale or Ebates to become an affiliate.

Once you register you will able to see a product and applicable commission on the sale. Select the product as per your niche and post a unique photo along with affiliate URL. Affiliate URL is provided by the company for tracking a sale. If someone clicks on affiliate URL and purchase the product or services you will get commission income.

#2 Promote your own products & services

As an influencer, you can use Instagram to sell your own product and services. A simple method is to post a photograph of your product and services along with a price tag.

To make it creative you can create infographic along with the exclusive offer and post it on your timeline. Another good idea is to post the photograph and testimonials of your satisfied customers. It will help you a lot to make more money from Instagram.

#3 Sell photos and Videos

If you are a creative person and good at taking photograph or making a video you can use Insta to sell your creativity. It will be slightly difficult to sell photos and videos. You have to be creative and use high-quality camera.

It is a good idea to go through a basic course in photography. Later stage you can create your own website or blog to become a popular photographer.

#4 Create Sponsored Post

Creating a sponsored post is one of the very good ideas for making money using Instagram. Here you have to create an exclusive post for the brand as per their requirement. Your success here will depend on your creativity and hard work. You can make use of a website such as Influenz to receive various offers about a sponsored post.

#5 Sell your Instagram Account

If you have done enough with your account and if you want to move on you can sell your Instagram account for making one-time money. Websites such as viral accounts and Fame swap helps you to sell your Insta Accounts.


Instagram is a very good tool for making money online, provided you show your creativity and spend enough time.

I hope I have given my best to explain about Instagram marketing for making money online. If you still need more information about any of the method given above feel free to contact me.

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