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Home Loan Interest Certificate – How to Download?

A home loan interest certificate contains a summary of home loan transactions including principal and interest components paid for the financial year. If you have taken a home loan you need to submit a home loan interest certificate to save income tax. You can get a provisional home loan interest statement from your lender.

There are two ways to get a home loan interest certificate. You can visit the bank or lender physically and get a hard copy of the provisional certificate. Alternatively, you can also download a home loan interest statement from the official website of the lender. In this post, I will share information about what is home loan interest statement? Usage of loan interest certificate and method to download it online.

Home Loan Interest Certificate

What is Home Loan Interest statement?

Home Loan Interest certificate is statement that contains summary of the interest and principal amount that is paid by the borrower towards home loan for the financial year. The statement also contains prepayment amount that is paid by the borrower.

If the certificate is generated prior to end of the financial year it is known as provisional interest certificate. The provisional interest certificate is subject to change with respect to change in revision, change in installments or any pre-prepayment made. 

Use of Home loan interest statement 

The main usage of home loan interest certificate is for claiming income tax benefits. The borrower can claim principal amount they have repaid under section 80C of the income tax act. The interest amount is claimed under section 24.

The maximum principal amount that can be claimed under section 80C is Rs.150000. The interest amount that can be claimed under section 24 is Rs.2 Lakh. If joint home loan is taken both borrower can claim this benefit.

How to download Home Loan Interest certificate? 

State Bank of India

Follow the steps given below to download home loan interest certificate from SBI.

Step 1 Visit the official website of SBI at https://www.onlinesbi.com/personal/

Step 2 Use your net banking login credentials to login on the site.

Step 3 Select the ‘Enquiries’ tab and click on ‘Home Loan Interest Certificate (Provisional)’ link

Step 4 You need to select the account for which you want the home loan certificate. You can now view, print or download your home loan interest certificate.


If you have taken home loan from the HDFC, follow the steps given below to download home loan interest certificate.

Step 1 Visit https://portal.hdfc.com/login and enter your Loan account number and birthdate to login.

Step 2 OTP will be generated and sent on your mobile number. Alternatively, you can enter your user ID and password for login.   

Step 3 On the left side menu click on account details. From the menu open click on the provisional interest. On the new page you will see two options – View Statement and Email Statement.

Step 4 Click on the view statement to view or download statement in pdf format.


Home loan borrower from ICICI Bank need to follow the step given below to download certificate.

Step 1 Visit the link – https://www.icicibank.com/Personal-Banking/loans/home-loan/home-loan-statement.page

Step 2 Click on ‘Continue to Login’ button.

Step 3 Enter Home loan account number, date of birth, account number, Loan amount and EMI amount. Home loan account number is mandatory. You need to enter any other two details.

Step 4 Now you can download the loan statement.

Axis Bank

Axis Bank home loan borrower can use following methods to download or to get loan statement.

Step 1 Visit the link – https://application.axisbank.co.in/WebForms/axis-support/Interest-Certificate.aspx

Step 2 Enter the registered mobile number and captcha code. Click on the enter button. Once authentication is done certificate will be downloaded. Popup should be enabled to download the certificate.    

Over to you

I hope you have downloaded and submitted provisional home loan interest statement.

If you are finding any difficulty feel free to send you query in the comment section given below.

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