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10 Fiverr Gigs & Work From Home Job Ideas

Fiverr Gigs is one of the best ways to make money as a freelancer. It is an online market place that allows you to sell your Gigs. 

You just need an internet connection, few hours and suitable skills that’s it. You can make a lot of money from Fiverr. Students, housewives, and even professionals should try out Fiverr.com for earning money. It is one of the best online market places for making a decent monthly income. 

So excited to know more about Fiverr Gigs!

Here is complete information about Fiverr Gigs. I am sure that the information given here will surely help you to make money online on Fiverr.

Fiverr Gigs Work From Home Jobs

What are Fiverr Gigs?

Fiverr provides a facility to place your advertisement page. The page placed on Fiverr is known as Gig. The actual meaning of Gig is a Temporary Job. So, If you are looking for a temporary job online you can put Fiverr Gigs. You require the appropriate talent and skill to execute a Gig.

To get a job you need to showcase products and services on the Gig page. When you design the page (Gig) you have to be expressive. You need to put up attractive images, case studies, customer feedback on the page. You can also add a description on the page about your services in 150 to 300 characters. 

This is to enhance your brand value and attract potential buyers. You can select your gig from the list of available categories on Fiverr. The price of each Gig starts from $5. Due to five-dollar price, the name of the website is Fiverr. Once your Gig is setup you can edit it at a later stage to add additional products and services.  

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How to Join Fiverr?

Joining Fiverr is every easy. You just need to create an account. It hardly takes 2-3 minutes. 

Visit Fiverr.com and click on the Join button given at Topmost corner. It allows you to create an account with Facebook, Google and Apple ID. Alternatively, you can also register using an e-mail ID. 

On the registration page, you need to provide a unique username. Once you are registered you will be redirected to the page where you can find services. You can also post request about what service you are looking for?

Next step is creating your seller profile. You need to put up your personal information, profile picture, description. Now visit the Selling menu and click on Create A New Gig. Provide scope, pricing, description & photographs. Once you are done click on the publish button.

Once your Gig is published you need to wait for the potential customers. Once you receive the order you can respond to order and execute the task.

What is Unique about Fiverr?

Fiverr is unique compared to all other online market places. Few things which I like about Fiverr are – 

  • Every small gig here starts with $5. This means you will get paid at least $5 for a gig. 
  • It is a free platform where you can join with Google, Facebook, or E-mail ID.
  • Multiple readymade categories for posting your Gig.
  • You can put your talent, skill, and resource on display for anyone to buy.
  • You need not be an expert or professional to post your Gig on Fiverr.

No specific qualifications required for Fiverr. A low skill person who can write, draw, sketch, or design something creative can join Fiverr. A highly skilled professional who knows programming and software testing can also join Fiverr for making money. 

If you are not using Fiverr, probably you are doing the biggest mistake. 

Before going through Best Fiverr Gigs given below, I recommend to go through Fiverr site and check what types of Gigs people are offering and how they are making money online. 

For example, you will find many people offering video making services. They have got very good voice quality, pretty face & video making skills. If you have these qualities, you should use it by selling it on Fiverr.

If you are looking for Unique Fiverr Gigs ideas here is 10 Fiverr Gigs & Work From Home Job Ideas.

10 Fiverr Gigs & Work From Home Job Ideas

#1 Text Logo Design

If you have expertise in designing Logo this Gig idea is for you. You can design a professional text logo for your client. You can use a free logo maker tool or paid tool such as Adobe Photoshop or Paintshop pro. You have to be creative and extraordinary in designing a logo. You can charge $5 to $10 per logo.

#2 Sharing your Diet Plan

Sharing your diet plan and earning money is a unique idea. If you have a fit body and you have followed a strict diet plan, this gig is for you. In this Gig, you need to post your picture or video showcasing your body. The main idea is to attract people to reduce their weight. Many people are looking for weight reduction. You need to advise them with a proper diet plan. It is a sure shot gig to get success on Fiverr.

#3 Social Media Promotion

Social Media Promotion is next on the list. Many bloggers are looking for people who can help in doing social media promotion. You have to commit fix like or increase in a fixed number of following. You need to place your Gig at Fiverr with a description that shares your expertise and experience. You can charge fix price for your services.

#4 Personalized Gift  

Selling a personalized gift over Fiverr is next in the list. You need to customize gifts based on the need of the client. You can use a special message, picture in a creative way. The gift could be a physical gift or e-gift like an e-card, animation, video, etc. You should have expertise in designing a personalized gift. You can charge from $5 to $100 for this Gig.

#5 Designing Resumes and Cover Letters

Designing Resumes and Cover Letters is next in the list of Best Fiverr Gigs. In this Gig, you need to design a professional resume and cover letter for your client. You can use a tool or an online website for the same. Showcase your expertise in the Gig by writing a good description and testimonials. You can include a photograph for the resume sample. 

#6 Designing PowerPoint Presentation

One of the simplest ways to earn money is by designing a powerpoint presentation. If you are creative with a good grip over PowerPoint Theme and templetes this Gig is for you. In this Gig, you need to design powerpoint presentation for your client. You can post sample powerpoint presentation or client testimonial as well as experience detail in the gig description. It is a wonderful and easiest way to earn money via Fiverr.  

#7 Video Making 

Video Making is next in the list. If you are good at creating white board animation video or two dimensional explainer video this gig is for you. You can offer script writing, professional voice over, back ground music and unlimited revision.

#8 Content Writing

Writing SEO optimized content is another gig. If you can produce well research, informative and engaging content which are SEO optimized this gig is for you. You need to post your gig on Fiverr by creating a profile. You should have experience in content writing.

#9 Translation Work 

Translation job is next in the list. Here you need to provide services for translation from one language to other. You have to specify that you have expertise in which language. You also need to mention timeline and services offered by you in this gig.

#10 WordPress Speed Optimization  

WordPress expert can opt for speed optimization gig. In this gig you need to audit the website and find out reason of slow speed. You need to optimize speed and guarantee increase in the search engine ranking. You can add testimonial and service review in the description.

Over to you 

Do you use Fiverr to make money? How you promote your Gigs? 

Well, if you have any other unique Fiverr Gigs ideas for earning money, please share it. We would love to learn it from you.

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