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Do you think a Degree is enough for a Job or Business?

Do you think a degree or education is enough for a job or business? 

Well, as I am associated with education, I am much more concerned about the education system. 

I keep on hearing from people that Go to school, get a good grade, get a good degree and you will get a job and life will be set. 

But I firmly believe that the education system is not enough to provide the necessary training and knowledge for young people to get them ready and prepared for what’s coming up in the future.


Do you think a degree is enough for a Job or Business?

Look, if your goal is to be an accountant or a lawyer engineer that’s perfectly fine. I mean you need to go through the process of the traditional education system to get a degree. 

But the challenge is a lot of those jobs for which you are preparing right now, by the time you graduate some of those jobs may not be available anymore.

Some of them may be obsolete, Some of these jobs are just a few years away from being replaced by AI or machine learning robots before we took about. 

You may think that I can always get a job at McDonald’s. But my dear friend you might have seen McDonald’s shop where they’re heading. You notice when you walk into McDonald’s that before they have all the cashiers and now you will see those kiosks the self-checkout. 

You’ll notice a trend is they’re shrinking and shrinking and shrinking.

  • How many people that they need to be a cashier?
  • How many people do they need to work in the kitchen?

It is only a matter of time where a lot of those jobs and functions will be replaced by robots and machines. That’s where we’re heading. Why? Because the machine doesn’t call in sick days. A machine can work 24 hours a day. You could have a couple of people operating and then they would function. It gives the corporation much more leverage. A machine doesn’t have a union. A big company that’s what they do to cut costs and to run more efficiently and that’s for capitalist society and that’s what happens.

You like it or don’t like it but that is what happing today. You degree is not enough to get you a good job or business. 

What you could do as an individual is to prepare yourself. How do you make sure that you’re equipped, not just to survive or thrive in this new economy or what I call a skilled economy?

We are no longer in the job economy what used to work back then doesn’t work now. See think about back 

“You go to school get good grades get a degree you get a piece of paper and then you will find a good company to work for and that’s fine and you would climb the corporate ladder.” 

The problem is things are happening so quickly maybe back there and the company that was good may not be so good. They are now being disrupted by other new companies coming in. So there the whole job security is an illusion.

The only thing you count on is your own skillset. If you got your skill set you know the value that you could provide in the marketplace. You can make money with your intelligence and your skill set. 

You can do a lot of things with a skill-set instead of counting on a piece of paper. I mean think about it if you are a student or you just graduate how’s the job hunting so far? Do you think you are able to find a job very very quickly? Do you think that you can find the ideal job that you want very quickly? 

The second perspective is how much the salary is today compared to how much school tuition is. If you look at a trend you study I mean the cost of Education academic education has gone up and up and up and up yet the base salary has not gone up in parallel. You look at those numbers you know something is missing something is wrong versus having a skill set and this is why I see idiots on social media and it’s not your fault.

You have been brainwashed to think in a certain way you’ve been brainwashed by society by your parents. Think a certain way four years of school lakhs or 10 lakh in debt & no guarantee of any success or even getting a job. Even if you do get one how long will take you to pay off? Your debt well that is perfectly fine that is the way to go there is the ticket to success.

In this case, I would advise you to invest in yourself. Learning new high-income skills. Believe me, investing in yourself beats any other investment that you have done so far. 

Learn New High-income skills for 3 months, 6 months or a year whatever it may be but start from some base that can help you to make a better future. 

So what i would believe that degree is important but only getting a degree does not make sense for doing a job or business.

The current education system is not sufficient to get you a good job. Current Education is over price with no guarantee of success. 

You study hard you do whatever it takes to get a degree but your job is not guaranteed. Your income is not guaranteed. You are studying more than 60% of theoretical knowledge in education which is never going to get used. 

When I talk with my students I will always share with them that hey you know what that degree is not good enough. You need an alternative You need to learn some new skills maybe by the time. 

When you graduate your education didn’t stop, it actually starts from there. Because now you can learn 

  • What is useful?
  • What is practical?
  • What is something that you could use right now?

I don’t know about your skill and your passion. It’s up to you, you need to decide right now. However, 

In short, What I’m saying is it is idiotic it is naive to think oh just let me study, let me do my thing and that piece of paper (degree) will save me.

A degree is not enough for a job or Business. You need to upgrade your knowledge, and your skill set to stay ahead or to stay in the market. 

The choice is all yours – Only degree or degree + skill or High-income skills. 

If you think that we are living in the skill economy and not the job economy, and if you want to learn high-income skills such as digital marketing, social media marketing, SEO, video editing, sales funnel, etc. Get in touch with me or write me on sk@moneyexcel.com.

Remember a Degree is not enough for a job or business. We are living in a skilled economy and we need to learn new skills and technology to remain in the market. 

Shitanshu Kapadia
Shitanshu Kapadia
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