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How to check LIC policy status Online,SMS & Phone

check lic policy status

Now you can check LIC policy status online via LIC portal (http://licindia.in), by phone or by SMS. If you are LIC policy holder this post is for you.  Check LIC policy status, pay your LIC premium, get information about bonus, surrender value everything online.

You just need to enroll your policy details after the creation of user on LIC site. If you have purchased a policy for your spouse, children then you need to create separate user-id on LIC site. Let’s go through the entire process of checking policy status on LIC site.

How to check LIC policy status online?

Follow simple steps given below to register online on LIC portal to check policy status.

Step -1 – Register on LIC website (http://licindia.in)

1)      Go to LIC website and click on “New User”

You need to give following information for registering your id on LIC portal

  • Policy Number
  • Installment Premium
  • Date of Birth
  • Email Id

LIC New user

Next screen is for the password. Please ensure password contains at least one numeric character and it is greater than 8 digits.

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Step -2 – Enroll Policies 

Once you are registered kindly login to LIC portal with user id and password. After login from the right side menu click on Policy Tools à  Enroll Policies. Enter Policy Number, premium amount and Name of life insured and click on enroll.

Once your all policies are added you can see enrolled policy details by clicking on Policy Tools >à  View Enrolled Polices. You will see something like –

enroll LIC policy

For Policy status click on policy number, for getting Vested Bonus information, click on the link in the column “Vested Bonus”.

You can also pay LIC premium online by clicking on Left side menu Pay Premium Online.

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How to check LIC policy details via Phone? 

If you don’t have internet access, you can check LIC policy details via phone. To know Policy details through IVRS, simply dial 1251. This facility is available 24×7 in selected cities.

To know Policy details through IVRS, simply dial 1251. This facility is available 24×7 in selected cities. 

For more information visit – LIC Helpline

How to check LIC policy status via SMS?

You can get your LIC policy status and other information via SMS by sending SMS to 56767877. Your SMS will be charged as per your mobile operator and selected plan. This option will be expensive as charges applicable here are from 3 Rs/- to 10 Rs/-.

Type the following in your mobile message box:

ASKLIC < POLICY NO > Desired code

  • To know your Premium amount:- ASKLIC < POLICY NO > PREMIUM
  • If your policy has lapsed, to know your revival amount: ASKLIC < POLICY NO > REVIVAL
  • To know the amount of bonus vested for your policy:- ASKLIC < POLICY NO > BONUS
  • To know the amount of loan you can avail against your LIC policy:- ASKLIC < POLICY NO > LOAN
  • To know the nomination details for your LIC Policy:- ASKLIC < POLICY NO > NOM

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Send SMS to – 56767877

Have you ever check LIC status online? Do you have LIC portal user id? Have you made LIC policy premium payment online? What is your experience do share your views!

If you have any queries related to LIC policies, feel free to post in comment section.

Check LIC policy Status Online,Phone or SMS

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