Top 7 Ways to Transfer Money to India

How to transfer money to India? Well, in good old days people were facing difficulty due to lack of technology. However, today it is very easy to transfer money to India. There are lot of intermediaries or agents or companies which transfer the money from one country to another country in seconds. This has been a great help for those who are residing outside the country but have closed ones in India. 7 Ways to Transfer Money to India ACH […]

How to earn passive Income?

Before talking about passive income first, let’s do a simple exercise. I will ask few questions and I expect you to answer these questions in two minutes. Let’s start. What is your money making mindset? What will be your primary source of income in life? Just visualize and try to answer this questions. Ok, what comes into your mind? I bet that maximum people have thought about Job or business for making money. Some smart people might have thought about […]

5 Best Legitimate ways to get rich fast

Getting rich fast is dream seen by many. However, very few can become rich in their life. There are many reasons which stops them from becoming rich. Let’s do one exercise to understand this concept, think for some time and answer the question what is required to get rich fast? Well, your answers could be – Time and energy is required to get rich fast Luck or God grace is required to get rich fast. Hard work is required to rich fast. […]

20 Best Passive Income Ideas & Opportunities

A Passive Income is a key of achieving financial independence. The Famous Investor guru Warren Buffet always says “If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die”. The crux of above saying is you must generate a passive income, else you will never achieve financial independence. Let’s try to understand this with an example. When you think about your work life it’s finite. You will stop working someday, if not now, […]

10 Money Mantras for 2017

Money isn’t everything but everything needs money. With a lot of aspiration and hopes, we have entered in 2017. You must be looking for good Money Mantras to elevate your financial life. I am here with 10 Money Mantras for 2017. I am sure that these money mantras will defiantly improve your financial life in 2017. 10 Money Mantras for 2017 1. I will prefer cashless transactions The first money mantra for 2017 is adopting cashless transactions. You should adopt […]