Risk Return and Investment – Where to Invest Money in India?

Where to invest money in India? It is one of the frequently asked questions by Indian Investors. The answer to this question is highly dependent upon risk-return and financial goals of the Individual. The answer could be equity, gold, real estate or perhaps fixed deposit. Whatever is your choice one thing is sure that risk and return plays a vital role in the selection of investment. In this post, we will talk about risk and return in various investment avenues […]

5 Best Investment Options in India for 2018

Which are Best Investment Options in India for 2018? Where should I Invest money in the year 2018? Well, before getting answers to these questions let’s take a quick look at the year 2017. The year 2017 was a year of equity and cryptocurrency. BSE Sensex gave 28% returns to the investor in the year 2017. A Cryptocurrency was another disruption in the year 2017. Bitcoin turned out to be a real hero for many investors with a massive return […]

Government Saving Bonds 7.75% Interest rate – Good for Investment?

The government of India has recently launched Government Saving Bonds. These bonds will fetch 7.75% return to the investor. These bonds are taxable in nature. Let’s understand the salient features of these bonds and whether you should consider investing in these bonds. Government Saving Bonds with 7.75% Interest rate – Key Points These are not new bonds. The earlier 8% bond (2003) is withdrawn and new government saving bond is introduced. Key points about these bonds are given below. Maturity: […]

Coinflash Simple and low risky way to invest in Cryptocurrency

Coinflash is simple and low risk way to invest in cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and Ethereum. Bitcoin and Ethereum are most popular digital cryptocurrency. Out of these digital cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin is fastest growing and costliest digital currency all over. You may be surprised to notice that a return given by a bitcoin in past one year has beaten all other asset class. If you have purchased Bitcoin before one year you could have earned 585% by today. The price of 1 […]

10 Best Profitable Investment Options in India

Where to invest money? Which are best investment options in India? These are commonly asked questions with varied answers. For conservative investor fixed investment instruments are best investment options while for aggressive investor stock market best investment option. Whatever is the case one thing is sure that it is better to invest money rather than keeping it idle. Investment helps you to meet your financial obligations like children education, post retirement expense, children marriage etc. It also helps you to […]