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Top 5 Best Stock Screener for Indian Stock Market

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A stock screener is a website or software that allows you to filter stocks based on the specific parameters. You can do fundamental or technical analysis by using stock screener website.

There are thousands of companies listed on the Indian stock market. In order to select the best stock for investment, investor or traders look at a balance sheet, profit and loss statements, debt to equity ratio, PE ratio and a lot of the parameters. Screening and comparing these parameters manually is a hassle. A stock screener helps in reducing this hassle by providing a facility for getting this data on the screen with a click of a button.

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What is a Stock Screener?

Stock screener tool will help you in doing analysis and research. On Screener tool, you can filter stocks and shortlist companies based on key parameters and metrics. There are two types of stock screeners fundamental and technical. A screener that provides options for screening based on fundamental parameters is called as a fundamental screener. On the other hand, a screener that focus more on technical parameters and charts is known as a technical screener.

A screener is must tool if you are buying a stock after doing the analysis. All free screener tool gives very good facility for analyzing a stock. Most of the screener tools are free. However, some screener charges money for providing exclusive services such as readymade analysis/report.

Top 5 Best Stock Screener for Indian Stock Market

A screener is most popular and one of my favorite stock screener. It is a free and easy to operate the tool. This tool is mostly used for fundamental analysis of the stock. The key features and facility provided by are given below.

  • A free tool with a facility to do analysis using query builder.
  • A facility to create own watch list.
  • You can get a readymade quarterly comparison of last 12 quarters.
  • An exhaustive comparison of an annual result and balance sheet.
  • Cash flow analysis year on year.
  • Readymade peer comparison list in the same sector.
  • A section containing pros and cons of investing in the stock.

In order to use basic screener facility, you need to input company name in the search query. On pressing the search button, you will be taken to the page that shows basic information including peer comparison and performance details of the stock. You can also register with this website and use advanced features.

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Moneyworksforme is second best stock screener tool. This tool gives a complete analysis of the stock. It also gives paid services for the readymade reports. The key features of this tool are given below.

  • A complete analysis of past performance history and financial track record.
  • Readymade research report showing future prospects of the stock.
  • Business model and valuation detail.
  • A paid decision maker tool for decision making.
  • Portfolio manager and mutual fund analysis tool.

moneyworks4me stock screener

In order to use moneyworks4me tool, you need to input stock name. You will be directed to a page which will display last 10 years’ financial performance. It gives red, green and yellow indication about the stock. It is very useful when you do an analysis.

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  • Readymade fundamental, technical and performance screening based on basic parameters.
  • A facility to download result for offline analysis.
  • Option to see top screens and facility to save online.
  • Watchlist and alert facility.

stock screener

Visit stock screener option available on this website and select a country, you will be taken to stock screener page where you need to select exchange, sector, and industry. The screener will open search result containing various tabs about fundamental and technical analysis.


Trendlyne is a query based screener. This screener provides both fundamental and technical analysis. Registration is mandatory to use this screener. It gives free and paid option for screening. The key features of Trendlyne are given below.

  • Query-based personalized screener facility.
  • Most popular user-created screeners.
  • Customizable Candlestick Screeners
  • Option to save screener.

Click on screeners tab given on the Trendlyne website to access this screener. You can get readymade growth, value, technical and analyst based screeners. You can edit these screeners and create your own. You can also search and see individual stock.

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Topstockresearch is one of the best stock screeners. It is widely used for advanced technical analysis. It requires an understanding of charts and patterns. The details about features offered by this tool are given below.

  • Pre-developed advance technical screeners
  • Trend-based and moving average summary
  • Indicators and pattern summary
  • Tutorial for learning technical analysis
  • Watchlist and alert facility
  • Options to save results for registered users

In order to use this screener, you need to login to Topstockresearch Screener website. Enter the stock name in the search query and press go button, you will be taken to a page where you can see key technical, financial and performance data. You will also able to see monthly, a weekly and interactive chart for doing the analysis.

In addition to above list, few other popular stock screeners are also used in India. The names are given below.

I hope best stock screener mentioned above will help you in deciding appropriate trading strategy and stock for the section.

Please help me to grow this list by adding your recommendation in the comment section.

I hope you have got a complete information about stock screener in India. If you have any further questions/advise/objection, please do not hesitate to write me here. I would love to learn more about this with you.

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